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September 19, 2007

No Pants, No Service

Images_2A very casually dressed Stone Cold Steve Austin was so insistent on attending Soul Kitchen Sunday at The Forge that after being reminded of the restaurant's "no shorts" policy, the WWE behemoth threatened to get physical with the staff.  After a few minutes of scuffling at the door, The Forge graciously provided the 6'2" championship wrestler with a pair of pants and allowed him inside to enjoy his night. It's amazing how stringent The Forge is with a dress code considering that a large percentage of women who frequent the place--especially Wednesdays and Sundays--are half naked. Double standard with your Super Steak, Steve?


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I don't think Austin did anything wrong..
I think the forge just wanted to be tied
with Austin because he's still a semi-big name
and what better way of getting attention
then pissing off someone you know won't stand
for any b.s

Its either a plain ol' double standard
which you state at the -bottom- of your story..

or is discrimination because he's a former
wrestler and wrestlers aren't popular now
after everything thats happened in the last 3 months.


It looks like a sexual discrimination case for Mr Austin.


Austin 3:16 say's I just wore your pants!


I'm not even sure I understand the story. Why are women half naked? Is it a dance club? A strip club? Someone needs to report important little details.


Jeff: On South Beach women wear very little. Out in public.

Forge is a high end restaurant with a big bar/lounge scene. Frequented by wealthy men and wanting women.

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