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September 11, 2007

Miami Spice Restaurant Month:The Anna Kournikova Edition

The only thing not Splashnews_spl2401_001 on Anna Kournikova's menu this week is Enrique Iglesias, who has been not so conspicuously absent on tour as the tennis tart has made her way to some of South Beach's finest eateries. Doesn't seem like Anna's missing Enrique that much (but notice she's sporting what could be engagement ring and wedding band on her right and left hands), and if she is, she's keeping herself busy enough. Over the weekend, Kournikova was spotted at Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour trying on Christian Louboutin boots. Then she hit SET and Skybar. Last night, Kournikova, seen at left, turned many a head as she arrived at DeVito South Beach, emerging from her black Escalade, sans Enrique, and with a female friend and two unknown males--all Russian speaking, one who may have been her father, Sergei. Manager Paolo Accarpio escorted the group to a private VIP cabana where Kournikova ordered dishes from the budget friendly, $35 Miami Spice menu. She also ordered off the menu, adding Salumi Formaggi, calamari, lobster, risotto and a ten ounce Kobe steak to her original three courses. Apparently she has a sweet tooth, too, ordering the five chocolate flight dessert, sorbet and the special DeVito Italian Cheesecake Lollipop tree, all allegedly shared by her companions. Her bill totaled over $690 and she didn't pay. One of the others did, most likely one of the men. Kournikova and her gal pal got into the Escalade full and happy---leaving the two men to walk down Ocean Drive alone. Can you say chew and screw?


Photos: Splash News