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August 05, 2007

Ricky Martin: Breathless Over Tiesto

Images Ricky Martin snuck in through the back door of Mansion last night to catch DJ Tiesto's set during the club's three year anniversary party. He was overheard telling friends, "Tiesto's the best DJ on earth; he takes my  breath away." See a goateed Martin meet the man who stole his breath here, with A3 TV's exclusive video footage.


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Lisa R.

I'm not sure I believe a word of this, especially since the footage you are talking about is Ricky goofing off with his brother not his lover! Maybe you should check these stories out a little before you write them.


Who said anything about a lover?? Item is about him at the Tiesto concert! Read more carefully !

Juntos por un Sentimiento fan club

Ricky te queremos mucho y esta perfecto que te diviertas, que la peses muy bien. Te queremos.

Tu Fan club internacional Juntos por un Sentimiento sede mundial Argentina.

Johanna Pena

Happy Easter Ricky!!! Congratulations you are a respected artist and a beutiful gay man. I belive that you should enjoy your life as you and not faking to make others happy your real fans will always be here to support you including me I've always love your music and I can't lie I think you're a gorgeous man. So go on living you're life and don't worry about what others may think. Lucky guy that boyfriend of yours ;). God bless you.

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