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August 28, 2007

Note to Diana Ross: Maybe Priscilla Presley Can Borrow Your Doctor, Too?

Barton_dianarossDiana Ross is 63 years old and looks exactly as she did the night she performed in a lightning and rain storm in Central Park--especially the hair, which is fabulous---back in 1983. Miss Ross was in the Hamptons this past weekend for a big Barton G. blowout for the Diabetes Research Institute. Apparently An Evening Under the Stars, hosted by Jill and Cliff Viner originally at their Quogue estate was such a hot ticket, it had to be moved to another location. Our spies tell us that Miss Ross made several gown changes and "delivered the goods bigtime." If she didn't change gowns at least six times, we'd be worried. At any rate, she looks outstanding. We don't know where Michael Jackson's surgeon dropped the knife, but perhaps Ross could share hers with him, Priscilla Presley who is The Joker's doppelganger, and just about every other celebrity resembling rubbery blow up dolls.


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Ms Ross looks so good because she has had a consistent positive outlook on her life and her huge body of work. In her performances she has been a perfectionist...and her body has kept up with her spirit.


remember kids....black don't crack,ever seen pictures of this woman's family (mom dad siblings)she's got damn good genes.....


miss ross is incredible,she is the empress of pop,what an outstanding career,what a legend,and i do mean real legend,shes the ultimate diva,still incredibly beautiful,what a star,one of the very last of the real stars,what a women.


Why does a commentator feel the need to write pejoratively about Ross? I am 55 and I am constantly taken for 43 or 44. Have I had surgery? No! Ross' looks are mostly genetics and lifestyle. Ross looks good because Ross is good and what is on the outsidetends to mirror what is in the inside.

Leave the woman alone and acjnowledge her contributions instead of what I think is another gay commentary form a gay person.

Kent Burrell

I would like to say Thank You, to all of the positive comments that were made regarding Ms. Ross's alledge plastic surgery! What postive energy you guys and ladies are displaying! Ms.Ross is the last of the Real Stars! Josephine Baker redux! To see what great comments were made is really cool. You folks are living proof that happiness is what it's all about and you don't have to put someone else down to feel good about yourself and others! Keep living you guys and ladies! keep living


Miss Ross herself said on "The View" that no she has not had plastic surgery, she admits to having breast enhancements but that is all..she says her secret for ataying youthful is a good nights slleep and taking care of your health. So the writer (if you can call him that) should be writing for the National Enquierer, because they are just that tabloid writers who make up their own crap. Diana happens to be a Beautiful Woman, a rich woman who has people who take good care of her skin. So do your homework before writing crap like this!!!!!!

Nick Dillon

Diana Ross is a star. Main stream media seems to conviently forget that black people don't wrinkle as easy. Its in our genes.

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