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August 15, 2007

Listen Up, Lou Dobbs

Images_2Global Warming isn't the only subject being covered on the Al Gore-founded news and lifestyle TV network, Current TV. In fact, two former University of Miami alum, Jason Silva and Max Lugavere, relocated to LA to work for the network only to revisit Miami to investigate whether or not, as Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo said, Miami is a third world country. Check out their segment, Jet Set Immigrants, here and decide for yourself. 


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One thing is true of what was said, it is hard to find jobs in Miami that doesn't require or "prefer" people who speak bilingual.

Also that many people here dont even bother learning English and prefer everyone else to speak Spanish. I work in retail and the #1 question I get asked is "Do you speakee Spanish?" (or "Tu habla espanol?")


JT, I work in Broward. Same thing different county.


Fuck Miami


i met those two guys when they lived in Miami... they're the real deal. glad they're finding the success they deserve. great post


I'm confused. First they both have shirts on. Then Max takes his off. Then Jason takes his off. Then Jason has a shirt on again. Then he doesn't. Was this not filmed in chronological order?

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