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July 17, 2007

Rockstar Supernova Winner Plays Cameo Friday

A4afcf362 Look, it could be worse. Joey Fatone could be hosting an episode of The Singing Bee at Cameo on Friday. Instead you've got actual talent in the form of Lukas Rossi, who won Rockstar Supernova at some point before reality singing shows were shoved down our throat like meds in the mental ward. Rossi will give an acoustic performance Friday night in what Cameo's billing as an "intimate" evening, meaning you and just two thousand of your closest fans instead of, say, three thousand.


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lukas rossi is on a national tour now, last night 20 peeps showed up for his show, night before 125 peeps were there. lukas rossi dosnt have two thousand fans, he lost them when he allowed his porn wife to interfer with his fanbase...shes one nasty -- go read her myspace kendra jade/just a girl, her last two blogs are very revealing about what kind of person lukas rossi allows to control him.....


interesting and very sad...she's the porno Yoko Ono!


What's interesting and sad is that people waste time on someone they don't like. Why not just spend your time on a musician you enjoy, rather than spreading hate against others? Leave Lukas and Kendra alone if you don't like the way they choose to live their lives.


whats more interesting and sad is the shock cameo will have when the 20 fanatical fans show up. basically lukas will be singing to empty beer bottles and ashtrays...

im always amazed that any time anyone have a negative and true comment to make, you can guarrantee that kendra and her bunnies will come out to attach. kendra has taught you well.


It just so happens I was at the Cameo that night. There were about 750 people on that floor alone. Lukas Rossi was a hit, he had the crowd singing with him. People need to concern themselves with their own lives and leave other peoples personal lives alone. Lukas and Kendra Rossi are a wonderful couple that unfortunately have haters that like to drag them through the mud in public. These people need to get a life and grow up, let this couple live in peace.

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