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July 27, 2007

Opium Group to NY, Maybe, But to BED? No Way

ImagesPeople have been asking us if Opium Group plans to open a Mansion in NYC. Here's the word straight from PR maven Vanessa Menkes' mouth: "The Opium Group has been considering a number of opportunities in New York City, though has not yet decided upon a location or name for a potential NYC venue." As for Opium buying BED, a rumor we never heard about until someone told us about an article in The Sun Post, well, that's just plain wrong. Not even close. The only thing going to BED is that rumor.


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King Friday

Here's the word -- The Opium Group is looking into buying Crobar in NYC, turning it into Mansion as well as adding a Prive to the Vegas strip. However, given the fact that they have been expanding quite rapidly with several loss leaders in their nightlife portfolio (ie: the Abyssmally Slow "Living Room" in Vegas) they might put the breaks on any further acquisitions, especially since Crobar in NYC is addled with a large Tax Lein and the Chelsea nightlife hub is already saturated like a florida swamp. In other news the owners of Cameo are looking to unload their historic Washington Ave. property, perhaps riding its miniwave of success. Could George V finally land his prized Buddha Bar in Miami. And . . .Will the "Butter" scheduled to open in the Delano be burnt in this scorching nightlife market??? Stay tuned kids . . . its going to get interesting.


Good stuff King..gonna use some for Friday's column, thanks!


King your wrong on pretty much all accounts - Butter isnt going into the Delano, Lenny Kravitz is doing a bar there instead - Morgans dropped Butter a while ago. George V would never go into a space as large as Crobar and Living Room in Las Vegas isnt even open yet - I hear from an insider that it opens in the fall at the same time as Prive Las Vegas so how can it be slow. Hate to admit it but Opium Group's venues are all slammed every weekend - and they already selected a location in NY - and its not Crobar.


Lenny Kravitz is doing a bar?? More info please!

No One Special

Lenny has an interior design company (aptly named Kravitz Design). They are the creative director, with Morgans Hotel Group's Architect-Adache Group. Its a small venue with the ability to have cozy little music sessions or a DJ. Gonna be hot!

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