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July 13, 2007

In News Totally Unrelated To Miami: Welcome Burgers for Posh and Becks

The U.S. hasn't been this excited for a British import since the Beatles arrived on our soil decades ago. And geez, you'd think the arrival of Posh and Becks was the second coming or something.Images_3 We just got an email from a Landon Cowan, who told us "alongside throngs of photographers, reporters and deranged fans, I waited for David Beckham's arrival" at LAX. And he didn't go empty handed. "Unlike the hundreds of my cohorts, I brought hamburgers for everyone." Hey, Landon, you want to scare Posh away or something? "In the hours leading up to David Beckham's arrival, I gave away approximately 100 hamburgers to attending media and fans." This link shows Cowan's brave, selfless attempt to feed the Beckhams upon their official arrival to the US. While we don't think the Beckhams will be shilling for Burger King anytime soon, it was a nice attempt!