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July 17, 2007

A Very Forge-y Christmas in July

Guestfloydmayweathershareefmalnikan No stranger to the most outlandish displays of bling, Glass at The Forge had a very special Christmas display on Sunday night when boxer Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather showed up with his bag of ornaments. The tough boxer arrived sporting a single bracelet and Jacob & Co. watch.  At one point, Mayweather and one of his many bodyguards stepped away from his private table where he was partying with ten beautiful women, Ray Lewis and Steven Francis. The two walked outside to an SUV where they grabbed a large black leather bag looking like an old doctor's bag.  When they returned to the VIP table, the bodyguard removed all of the glassware from the table and placed the bag on top.  "The Dresser"/bodyguard then began pulling jewelry out of the bag and adorned Mayweather with yards and yards of diamond jewelry.  After pulling items from what seemed to be a bottomless bag, sources say, "Mayweather looked like a sparkling Christmas tree."