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June 11, 2007

On the Sly

This blogger wasn't the only one on vacation recently. Apparently, Elaine Lancaster was out in Vegas to see her best pal Pamela Anderson in The Magical Beauty at the hot new Planet Hollywod Hotel and Casino where Lancaster dissed Anderson at the after party and canoodled with none other than Sly Stallone. According to Lancaster, however, the two are strictly friends. We're surprised Sly allowed the photo op, considering that Miami's fave drag diva towers over him by miles. Check it out:



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Francesco Sinibaldi

At daybreak, playing the piano / Paul’s memory.

When the light
of a new morning
arrives near
a balcony touching
sounds and delicate
marvels, I hear
a voice; an eternal
sadness, taking
care of me, invents
the profile of
a luminous candle,
the rain fades
away remembering
the time of a
fallen desire and
then, in the sunshine,
your delicate care
discovers a dream…..

Francesco Sinibaldi

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