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May 22, 2007

U2 Mystery Solved!

A major buzz was surrounding Casa Casuarina last Saturday night, when three people reported to Scene that they could swear that U2 was playing a wedding there. Apparently the band sounded exactly like Bono and co., but the real band was busy playing Cannes that night, as we discovered a few days later. So who was the amazing U2 soundalikes? UV, the U2 Tribute (www.u2tributeshow.com), who played the wedding of the band's biggest fans, Nick and Evelyn Molina, who sounded off on our blog, writing, Well, the truth has been spoken. We are local South Beach residents that decided that our wedding needed to be like no other. With Bono previously booked (lol), we went with the next "real thing" -- UV." According to Bono's alter ego, Gabriel, the South Florida based band, "We are die hard U2 fanatics ourselves and we always strive to pay proper and respectful tribute to the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD, U2. We had heard that some passerby were definitely believing that U2 was playing..after all, it's South Beach, Versace mansion...why not, right?" Right! And check out their website. The physical resemblance to the band--especially "Bono"--- is eerie!