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May 07, 2007

Storch Song Trilogies

Gisele has lost her wings, Paris is going to the slammer and Naomi's wearing orange for community service, but a new diva has commanded the catwalk and the fashion world is taking note! Music producer Scott Storch strutted his stuff at the "Saporro Inspired" fashion show at Mansion Friday night, working the runway like a pro. Decked out in Sapporo Beer inspired jeans, tee's and kicks by designers like Crooks and Castles, Alexander Nash, and Jhung Yuro, Storch proved he was indeed too sexy for his shirt when rocking the runway with cigarette in hand and major bling. Like any runway diva, Storch held up the fashion show for several minutes - though he had good reason, as he was perfecting an album that was going to print that evening.