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May 14, 2007

Speculation of a Toxic Shock at Mansion This Sunday

Although the club has no official comment, if you check out the Opium Group's website , you will see something called "The M +M's" (their quotes, not ours) coming to Mansion Sunday night. Sources tell us that even the Opium folks are in the dark, not being told who the club is reserved for, or who exactly "The M+M's" are, but they were asked to put a banner for the mystery show on their site with a link to wantickets.com. Speculation is that Britney Spears is taking her fifteen minute lip synching road show to Mansion Sunday because the pop tart is slated to be in Orlando the night before. Popdirt.com  reported that Spears was using the code name "The M+M's" for a trio of surprise House of Blues performances. They also noted that it's a reference to a Blink 182 song. All we know is that ticket price is $40, it's a special live performance, and that no cell phones or cameras are permitted. It sure sounds like it could be Britney, but if she were to do a mystery performance under an assumed name, wouldn't something like "The Cheetoes" be more appropriate?