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May 17, 2007

Paris? Bull#$@t

Straight from the Versace Mansion, where the Bullrun party was in full swing, we encountered a ton of just out of jail drivers, many from foreign countries who posted bail and didn't care about their next day court dates, but no Paris Hilton. When asked about the soon to be jailed heir-head, one driver told us, "They kept telling us she'd be here, but no one really cared either way. All we care about is getting out of jail and making it down to Key West." In fact, Hilton had some serious competition at the Bullrun party. One wife eagerly and proudly told us, "I didn't get arrested, but my husband did!" MySpace "celebrity" Tila Tequila was at the Bullrun party in Montreal, but not in Miami. "Last year seemed to get a lot of celebrities," said one driver. "This year, it seems the focus is more on the actual road trip, not the celebrities." The major concern of drivers tonight was how to get down to Key West tomorrow without major disasters. "I'm just going to cruise down," said a driver. "At this point, who cares?" Yeah, really. Who cares?