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May 17, 2007

Paris at Versace Tonight: Bull or No Bull?

So Paris Hilton's jail sentence has been reduced because of good behavior--what, riding a bike to Kitson instead of being driven there in a Bentley constitutes good behavior?---but people continue to doubt whether Hilton will actually be on her best behavior at Casa Casuarina tonight for the big Bullrun party. Casa still thinks her presence is a very real possibility, but those close to the heiress have told us otherwise. Says one Hilton insider: "Honestly, there's NO way in HELL she is going. Bullrun people won't admit it because they want the exposure, but I don't even think she can leave the state of California." As for the Bullrun people, well, they're  busy tracking the number of driver arrests as they made their way through the ruthless state of Georgia. Forget Paris. We can't wait to hear how many get busted, trying to speed their way down US1 to Key West.

Update: Casa sources tell us they met with the party's organizers this morning, who insist Paris is still coming. We'll see.

Just spoke to Perez Hilton, who says he doubts Paris is coming..he usually knows!