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May 11, 2007

Is Paris Hilton a Flight Risk?

The crazy Bullrun Rally hits Miami this coming week en route to its final destination of Key West, and is making a pit stop at Casa Casuarina on Thursday night. Among the celebs driving in the rally: MySpace's Tila Tequila, Jackass's Ryan Dunn and, yes, allegedly, Paris Hilton, whom the official Bullrun site says "Avoids Jail to Participate in Bullrun." While we can't officially confirm whether or not Hilton will be driving a brand new Stryker from Montreal to Key West, we do know some people are worried. Says one source, "If Paris is still coming, I hope she's  not driving." If she is, we're sure Nancy Grace will be on the case to bust her.

Update: After we posted this item, TMZ checked things out and is reporting that Paris will be chauffered down here to host the Rally party at Versace Mansion Thursday night. By whom, we wonder, her absurdly devoted bodyguard lackey cell phone holder publicist Elliot Mintz? We'll be on the lookout and keep you posted.