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May 19, 2007

Could It Be? U2 Plays Wedding at Casa Casuarina

Final Update: Bono played the Cannes Film Festival Saturday night. Now we really want to know what cover band was so good that three different people swore it was, indeed, U2.

This just in from a source. U2 is playing a wedding over at the Versace Mansion. Source insists it's Bono and co. and not just a cover band. So who gets U2 for their wedding band? Someone very rich or very connected. Could it be Amy Winehouse's wedding reception, perhaps? Stay tuned.

Update: After asking the source seventy times if it really is U2 or just, say, Blake Lewis doing a really good impression, said source replied, "Honey, that was Bono. For sure." Whew. Now who's the lucky bride and groom, pray tell?

Update: Wedding party was walking to the ocean. Source asks bridesmaids who the bride was. Bridesmaid points to a short woman with dark features and goes, "her." Source, who may need glasses, says it could have been Eva Longoria, but that's highly suspect. Source then asks security guard if that was Bono singing and security guard snickered, said nothing and then said, "It could just be a really good cover band." Sigh. Clearly, we need Britney in town to divert us from such absurd, extreme and desperate speculation. Or do we?

Update: Our source inside Casa says, "If U2 were playing here, don't you think I would let you know?" My thoughts exactly, but then again, you never do know, so I replied, "So it's just a good cover band then, right?"  Answer from the source's mouth: "Maybe..." Ok, never mind U2, then, who are the bride and groom? "Hotel guests," says source. Groan. And the tease continues!


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Ok, I was gonna have some fun with this...but I guess the whole Cannes thing gives it away - dang Bono, couldn't you have stayed home that night and added to the mystery? ;)

On Saturday May 19 our band UV - The U2 Tribute played Casa Casuarina aka Versace Mansion for a private wedding, for 2 hardcore U2 fans. Notably, not Eva Longoria. We are from South Florida as well!

We really appreciate the compliments, we are die hard U2 fanatics ourselves and we always strive to pay proper and respectful tribute to the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD, U2. We had heard that some passerby were definitely believing that U2 was playing..after all, it's South Beach, Versace mansion...why not, right?

If anyone would like to know more about us, our website is www.U2tributeshow.com and you can email me personally at info@u2tributeshow.com

Great column btw!!

Gabriel (as Bono)
/// UV - The U2 Tribute //

Mr. & Mrs Nick and Evelyn Molina


Well, the truth has been spoken. We are local South Beach residents that decided that our wedding needed to be like no other. With Bono previously booked (lol), we went with the next "real thing" -- V2. The party was a smash and the band... well this will sum it up. They took the stage and it began to rain as hard as we all know it can in South Beach. All of our guests took to the front of the stage and rocked it with V2. Bono (a/k/a Gabriel even joined us all in the down pour). The rain and performance were by far the best part of the celebration.... oh, except for those vowes - lol.

Nick & Evelyn Molina

Eddie Steklasa a.k.a. "The Edge"

Thanks for the nice compliments regarding our band UV - The U2 Tribute. And thanks to the security guard for leaving a shroud of mystery, lol! That's classic. And thank you to Nick and Evelyn who had us along at their celebration, a night to remember for all. And thank you to the people who really swore up and down that it WAS indeed U2 playing, we could not have asked for a bigger compliment as die-hard U2 fans ourselves!

That's Mr. The Edge 2U



Ha! Congrats Nick and Evelyn! Just fyi - we're UV, not V2.

But actually Nick and Evelyn...U2 fans should recognize "V2"...hint: what did Bono initially really want to call U2? And what band does the story "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" by famous author (and personal friend of Bono) Salman Rushie, revolve around?

None other than, you guessed it: V2

It's all connected baby, all connected!

Onnaliesa & Nick

We were guests of our amazing friends at this amazing wedding and initially we thought it was possible that it was indeed U2. You just never know with Evelyn & Nick!


Hi, Eddie (AKA "The Edge"), I just got off the phone with Mom and she filled me in and sent the link. Really Cool!! Take care!! Love, Sheila


And much love and happiness to the new bride and groom, Nick & Evelyn Molina!

PS - You picked a great band for your wedding!

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