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May 20, 2007

Spoiler Alert (Sort Of): Britney Skips a Few Beats

If you want to be surprised by tonight's Britney Spears "show" at Mansion, don't read on. But really, it's not like you're expecting Barbra Streisand, so keep reading. According to our mole at the Orlando show last night, "The Britney show was hilarious--she was lip synching [of course] to play it safe," and here's the kicker, "And the record kept skipping! It happened two or three times on her fourth song [out of five]--and she looked more and more embarassed." Half the crowd jeered, while the other half just laughed. Excellent! It's always nice to have a good laugh, especially on a rainy Sunday!


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Buck W

Why is this silly girl making such a fool of herself? Is she sooo hungry for publicity (Like the silly people in South Beach)that she'll risk these glitches in a 15 minute set???


Never mind that, Buck. She is lip synching all the way to the bank, charging $40 a head for five karaoke numbers!


you should investigate a bit more than perez hilton. x17online has the video of the incident. there was no jeering and she covered it very well. the crowd literally shouted louder. the haters are always the ones who weren't there


whether there was jeering or not, this woman has turned herself into a joke. her career is over, a junior high school talent show could do better than her.


wow, south beach got off easy. the poor dorks in LA paid over $200 a ticket for the same sync fest...

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