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April 23, 2007

Posh and Begs?

Victoria Beckham doesn't have everything--especially this season's hottest pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.  Last Monday, Stephanie Grossfeld,  a sales consultant at Gucci in Merrick Park, and her attorney husband Kevin visited the Christian Louboutin salon in Paris.  They were the only ones in the store until a Bentley carrying soccer star David Beckham and his wife pulled up out front.  After the Beckhams entered the salon, the doors were locked.  Victoria sat down next to Stephanie and eyed the shoes she was trying on. It was the last pair and the two women were the same size. Though Victoria and David quietly pleaded with the manager that those were the shoes that she had been looking for (plus, it was Posh's birthday), Kevin whispered to Stephanie  that if she wanted those hard-to-find shoes she better hurry and make the purchase.  She did. According to our source, David was a good sport about it, while Victoria "not so quietly fumed" as the victorious Miami couple made their way out of the store and through the hordes of paparazzi!