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April 30, 2007

Feeling the Heat at Vivi

There were no frowning faces at the Miami Heat's end of season celebration dinner yesterday at Vivi. In fact, Udonis Haslem and Antoine Walker were all smiles as they feasted on fabby Italian fare, grooved to r&b tunes and thwarted off flirty fans who waited outside while they retrieved their rides. One female fan in particular flitted between all the players, offering her cell number to anyone who wanted it. While we're not sure who bit, we do know that more than one player was extremely distracted by all the bikini clad beach bunnies who stood in front of Vivi and across the street at Prime One Twelve in all their g-stringed glory. Walker, in fact, whose Bentley convertible was parked right out front, seemed to have a hard time shifting gears and getting out of there. He and his teammates, however, managed to keep their game faces on enough to smile for cameras and accept condolences from all the passers by, who all agreed that when you're a Heat player, losing isn't such a terrible thing after all.