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March 01, 2007

Table 8's Got Game!

When was the last time you played Hungry Hungry Hippo or Candyland? Or showed off your cerebral side by beating the bookworm at Trivial Pursuit? Thanks to a whimsical collaboration between Jacquelynn Powers, Suzy Buckley, Josh Woodward and Govind Armstrong, you can do it all at Table 8's new Monday night game night, starting at 9pm and continuing on a weekly basis. Team players are all welcome and so are solo players, and best of all, winners can clean up with gift certificates, cocktails and dinners. Losers are also winners, with Armstrong's tasty grilled cheese and short rib sandwiches. We can't think of a cooler way to spend a Monday night outside of Jack Bauer saving the world on 24, of course.