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March 13, 2007

Nicky, Oh?

Last Saturday night, Nicky Hilton and an entourage of about ten attorneys and business advisors toured the Angler's Hotel construction site with developers Gregg Covin and Michael Capponi. After her first hotel venture fell apart with the bankrupt Falor Company, perhaps Nicky is looking to recover by buying the near complete project built by the highly esteemed local developers?


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Leslie does Nicky doing blow with Capponi Saturday night in VIP room make her partners with him? The Anglers is over by crack city because thats all that would stay there

Construction Joe

Hey Now...I was working on site last Saturday and yes...Princess Hilton and ass kissing entourage walked site with owners Covin/Eric and Marc Lawrence and pretty boy Capponi...she seemed very impressed by whole deal and one of my guys heard her tell one of her cronies to 'move on this one ASAP...' She could buy project and tell Falor group to kiss off...

By the way...last responder must be on crack himself..the area is hot and clean and all the riff raff has moved away...Anglers developers and owners of retail/office around area are pouring millions into area....take the crack pipe out of your Ass and look around..

Construction Joe

By the way...there were at least three other investor groups on site last weekend as well...none of them as pretty as Hilton..but they make me feel like a monkey as they watch me work while they walk around site looking all dapper...Im going to ask owners to start charging admission.....


Construction Joe, you rock! Email me at Lank@aol.com please!



Construction Joe sounds like a developer who is hustling a project. Mr Joe you should have been at the party. You could have gone skiing the slopes with nicky and trailer park friends. That place is surely a better location for clubs - she was smart to ditch Ocean Drive. Leslie, yo

Developing what?

Crack Row, excuse me...Washington Avenue and Angler's go hand in hand. They take your money, produce woes, and are a letdown. That project is 7 months behind. What a joke.

Lender Lou

What project is not behind schedule...at least there is major development going on and some exciting stuff at the Anglers site...Im psyched that the Anglers is going up...it only enhances value to my properties near site on Washington...The developers are doing a great job so I applaud them...Lou


I personally called the Angler's Hotel and asked if it was being transformed into the Nicky O. The lady said she had no information available about that. And im sure if she did, she wouldnt be authorized to give it out. Atleast, not yet...

Developing what?

Weak team, weak location and weak concept. Hotel did get area cleaned up but overall it's a riot how they promised buyers the world and are delivering a 1-star resort. Whats exciting there? they went bankrupt at one point.


LMAO. "Construction Joe" and "Lender Lou" are the same person. Click Construction Joe's name and the email adress pops up, and click Lender Lou's and its the same e-mail. Whats with this role-playing? I love how people are such idiots.

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