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March 16, 2007

Hey, Mr. DJ

As if it wasn't loud enough out there with screaming spring breakers who did too much time on the beer bongs while disqualifying themselves for participation in that ghastly TV game show Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?,  we're tuning our Miracle Ears out for Winter Music Conference and telling the DJs to go scratch and be done with it. We're also telling our mechanics, dental hygienists and pool boys not to bother handing us their demos. Who do we look like, Oakenfold's PA? That said, we have heard a little rumor that, maybe, just maybe, Christina Aguilera may be down here doing a little ditty or two at the Sagamore. We're waiting on confirmation. Confirmed to be here on March 29 is Gisele Bundchen, who will be here for a party at Tottem Gardens unless, of course, she succumbs to morning sickness and admits she's preggo with Tom Brady's second baby.