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February 23, 2007

Zeta Jones A No Show

So Catherine Zeta Jones was a no-show at the exclusive premiere of her new flick No Reservations at the Regal Cinema on Lincoln Road last night. The movie, which doesn't come out until July, screened as part of the SoBe Wine and Food festivities. We found out at the Rachael Ray Amstel Light Burger Bash that Zeta Jones wasn't making the movie and would be flying in tonight for the Food Network Awards at the Jackie Gleason Theatre, where she and co-star Aaron Eckhart will present an award. It didn't really matter that she wasn't there, though. The movie was a cute chick flick. The Burger Bash was an orgy of cholesterol and calories. Rachael Ray was mobbed by fans, making an almost Madonna-like entrance, surrounded by handlers and protectors, and even kept some local celebrities from grabbing a cupcake or two. Some of us, however, were too busy marveling over NYC's City Hall's ingenious knish burger to notice. NYC's Shake Shack burger wasn't too shabby, either. In fact, it won the prize for best burger. 12872009

John Cusimano and Rachael Ray taste burgers at Burger Bash.

Photo: Wire Image