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December 11, 2006

Miami Suffers from Paris-itis (There Is No Cure)

On Saturday night, Paris Hilton hit Prive’s “Couture Assassins” event with a sweaty and  bloated Brandon Davis and a few other friends, running downstairs to the main door a half an hour later to fetch her flavor of the week, Stavros Niarchos, throwing her arms around his neck and saying “My honey is here!” Paris promptly ordered a bottle of Stoli Elite vodka to the table, but apparently couldn’t wait the few minutes for the waitress to deliver it to her table, because she leaned over to the neighboring table of graffiti artists in town for Art Basel and asked them if she could mix a drink from their bottle. Legendary street artist Futura genuinely seemed like he had no clue who she was, but happily agreed nonetheless. Later in the night, with her vodka and red bull fix in seeming to have taken effect, she jumped on the couch to dance to “Bette Davis Eyes.”


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As if Miami doesnt have enough of a reputaion for being tacky and now we have Paris to thank and her little troll ass kisser (wont name names)publicist for opening Pandora's Box. Now we may never be able to rid ourselves of this scurge-along with the reputation she so aptly helps us maintain.


poor broken toe, lol!


Thank God Paris is so 2006! Bring on the New Year! Lol!


I think Paris and all of her friends and associates are fun and bring life back into a city that was becoming lack luster. I say Paris, bring it on and bring all of your friends and family, Scott, Brandon, Britney, Nicky, Stavros, Brian, Kim, Beecher, Jason, Brett and everyone. Always makes the weekend fun.


I only recognize Nicky and Paris's names. Who are the other people?


Oh!!! lol! Britney Spears...so she is considered family after one weekend? Shows how truly superficial these people are (and I do use that term loosely)

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