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November 18, 2006

Book Fare or Working Title: Blame It On the Dogs

While sleazoid ex husbands, the kind who are reportedly getting less than a million bucks in a divorce settlement, were busy elsewhere last night, across town at the Raleigh, a literary feast of sorts at a dinner hosted by Miramax books where bigtime members of the literati such as Miramax books honcho Rob Weisbach, author and Surfside resident Malika Oufkir, George Kalogerakis, co writer of Spy: The Funny Years, Spy magazine creator Kurt Andersen, and Brad Meltzer--best selling author, creator of the sadly defunct, brilliant show Jack & Bobby, and South Florida resident--- joined the likes of local Miami types for an evening of assorted conversation and hob nobbing. Hosting the dinner was none other than charming hotelier Andre Balazs, who did not  have to answer questions about on-again, off-again girlfriend Uma Thurman, much to his delight. We did, however, ask him if he planned to get involved in the Miami real estate market as he's done in Manhattan. After a chuckle, he basically said there's no way in hell. Other bookish types were overheard waxing pop cultural on subjects that included, of all things, Lindsay Lohan. Yes, even intellects can't refrain from talking about her. General consensus? They like her and have high hopes for the girl. Wow! Later that night, the party moved up to the penthouse, where more writers kibbitzed, including Jay McInerney and, we think we saw Nora Ephron.  Besides a few tiny dogs cum accessories trying to hump each other, everyone was pretty well behaved and, of course, civilized. Except for the poor guy who mistook the closet for the water closet and made a little mess. That's ok, he could always blame it on the dogs.