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September 07, 2006

This Just In: Chris Paciello Gets out of Jail Not So Free Tomorrow

Coming from a very reliable source, we were just informed that former South Beach club kingpin Chris Paciello, in prison  for the past seven years on all sorts of family business and whatnot, is being released from the klink tomorrow, Friday--just in time for Ingrid Casares's party at Social Miami. That's right. Chris Paciello will be a free man. Sort of. According to said source, Paciello won't exactly be free until  he testifies against someone in another trial. "He doesn't want to testify and has nothing to do with that trial," says our source, "But he has no choice. He was subpoenaed." Surely after he's out he'll be subpoenaed straight back to South Beach where he will undoubtedly be feted with several huge welcome back parties. What's going on here--all the old school has returned--Louis Canales, Gary James and soon, Paciello. It's, like, deja who? Developing.....


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Chris Paciello is hot! Wonder where the first welcome back party will be.....


kat, you are a loser this is a guy who was responsible for the killing of an innocent woman


Loyalty is a quality that is absolutely necessary in a REAL man. This fellow obviously does not have an ounce of loyalty in his body. How do you sell your childhood friends down the river and still have the audacity to show your face in the public?? I do not care how charming or good looking he is because he wouldn't get passed Hello with me and further more I frequently attend all the IT parties in miami and if I so much as had a glimpse of him I would walk right out!!! Once a RAT always a RAT


Chris Paciello is something more horrible than someone that helped murder an innocent woman. What Chris is, and always was, is a RAT. Only in today's day and age would anyone celebrate someone that would turn in his friends to get himself out of trouble. May he die of a thousand forms of cancer.


He is a punk bitch, and if he is ever caught in the midwest we will treat him like one.

lisa cali

for all you judgemental people.it is the god almighty to be the one to judge him,not you.do your homework and get your story straight,he was not the one that pulled the trigger on the innnocent housewife.she was not suppose to be shot at,but unfornuately,she was.i believe in giving people second chances .go do some research on him .and always remeber,there before the grace of god, goes i.


That picture of Chris Paciello (Binger) should be altered to make his face a RAT's face. This low life rat told on and made up stories of all his close friends, even his best friends who were there for him thru thick and thin. Who ate Sunday dinner with him, Keith and his Mom and sometimes his Grandfather (great meatballs). Chris is a rat, the lowest thing a person could be. This coming from one of his former best friends, Chris didn't Rat because he felt bad or any remorse for the person he and he alone started the chain of events and participated in the murder of an innocent Mother, daughter, sister, cousin, and friend to many. He ratted because he got caught. He ratted for himself to save his own ass. Trust me; he waited till every other route was exhausted. Then when there was no way his money or high priced lawyers could get him time off he Ratted. He would have raped a 4 year old boy to get out of it, if that’s what had to be done. He hurt many people and families and little children who had to grow up without there fathers, uncles, and mothers without there sons. Funeral’s missed hundreds and hundreds of people’s lives ruined, people who killed no one. Just because Chris decided he didn’t want to take the time for the crime he committed because he’s better than everyone. How F**K*D would the world be if everybody lived by those rules. Doing anything and everything possible to not do the time for the crimes they have committed. This is so nice and convenient, “wow” even our military should adopt this policy, get caught tell all the positions, plans, and where your superior officers are and get rewarded when your done. Na F*** that… I’d rather not commit crimes I don’t want to do the time for and keep my soul for God to judge, but that’s just me. Look in the mirror it’s nice to see your own reflection


None of you have any idea what happened. Leave him alone. He didn't do anything. Chris is a sweetheart who got involved with the wrong people, thats all. If you weren't there, and you didn't see what unfolded that day, and you don't know him as a person, you have no right to talk about him like that. You're just some idiot trying to feel like you're some high and mighty mafia wannabe, trying to steal 5 seconds of fame.

Brooklyn Al

I just found out from a reliable source, that more than a couple of these responses criticizing Chris has been posted by frustrated feds! Frustrated by the fact that Chris NEVER "folded like a towel" as some fucko claimed he did! Chris is NOT in any way shape or form in the federal witness protection program where REAL rats reside! He rolled with a couple of guys who for whatever reason panicked and made the wrong decision. He never gave any order to shoot ANYbody. Don't buy into the feds' feeble attempt to discredit Chris's rep just because they're frustrated he wouldn't rollover like they WANTED him too! He didn't change his name, and he didn't move to fucking Bulgaria for a REASON. He has NOTHIN' to run from and NOBODY to answer to!


Was locked up in MDC with Chris. First off. He is strong physically! (He won contest after contest doing pullups!) But he was weak mentally. He couldn't do the time. However, he wasn't responsible for that woman dying. His intention that night was yes, to rob them, but not hurt her or the Shemtov family. Tommy Reynolds, who is a mad hatter, and a cold blooded killer, never meant to hurt that woman. And he told me so himself. For her "I am going to hell" he said often. He had no problem killing anyone in the "game" but him, nor anyone that night, wanted to kill Judith Shemtov! Especially Chris. Chris was a thief! Make no mistake about it. Prior to the home invasion, that wound up changing his life, he robbed banks. And he robbed a drug dealer that gave him the start up money to open Risk in Miami. He was a stick-up kid. But he recruited the wrong guys to do this Shemtov home invasion. These "Bath Ave" guys were stone cold killers. Especially Tommy Reynolds. An asshole if you ever met one. Dumb. And hot tempered. The two worst qualities you want...Especially when he is holding a loaded .45!

Chris hated Tommy. And regretted getting involved with someone so "beneath him" as he often said. He wanted to kill Tommy many times, but just left things alone because he was doing so well. On his best day! Tommy Reynolds couldn't shine Chris's shoes. And now Chris's empire was coming down because Tommy accidently killed this woman! Chris couldn't take it!!! And one-on-one, Chris would have beat Tommy to a pulp! Tommy only survived because of his friendship with a very respected and tough guy,a made man Fabrizio DiFrancissi.


Chris Paciello is slime. How some people can claim that it was all an accident is beyond me. If you go to someone's home with the intention to rob them and have loaded 45's with you, then you are beyond guilty when one of those guns go off and kills an innocent woman. I hope Paciello gets what he deserves, because he deserves to suffer even worse as much as the Shemtov family does. Even if he didn't pull the trigger, it was his idea to go there, and since it was his idea to rob people, which by the way, is a crime in itself, he is just as responsible for Judith Shemtov's brutal murder.
I don't know where some of you are from, but burglary, robbery, carrying illegal firearms and murder are all crimes. It's not that difficult to tell right from wrong, he chose wrong and I am looking forward to Karma getting him back.


Obviously you guys don't know how it worked
a guy becomes pretty powerful and the feds find every fuckup in his history to testify against him. He was a driver in that botched robbery in Staton Island, not that it makes it any less horrific but in a sense Chris was a victim too

pound for pound he is a pretty tuff dude
I remember when he put an ashtray upside the head of body builder quinn

LA Rocks

Chris is a punk ass litle bitch who will soon be found bleed out in an alley BOBIT style. The feds should have educated chris.
L.A does not play that Miami shit.


La style? Midwest beatings? I knew these guys and not only were they hustlers and money makers, they were tough with their hands. That bath Ave crew would fight and then shoot. Straight murderers. They would kill any one in any state. They had the screws loose to do it. Especially Tommy and crazy Joe. They don't care about "la"style. They kill and make money.that's all they did. Anyone who grew up in that neighborhood like myself knew that area was nuts. Every summer someone new was killed that you knew.


Anthony, i know what youre talking about. Im from the area and knew all those guys. Knew Chris since he was a kid, im from 11th ave


I gotta laugh at some of the internet tough guys who wrote some stuff on here. If you went face to face with Chris Binger he would kick your azz in a heartbeat. One tough SOB. Too bad he got caught up in the mix, I knew him and still hang with friends he put away who are out now. 11th ave.

t.in texas

All of u who take up for him have blood on ur hands..ur idiots.this beat and bullied with his own two hands..not to mention setting up a home invasion rhat killed someone all who know and defend him should be ashamed! I hope he gets what he deserves & some big barbaric young man beats him to death for the mean things he has done

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