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September 28, 2006


So we couldn't believe our ears when we heard Mokai was actually opening for a 'friends and family' preview last night and just had to zoom over to check it out. We arrived at around 10:30pm to find owners Nicola Siervo and Karim Masri mulling in the street, on their cellphones, not looking happy. Siervo told us that the city once again was giving them permit issues because they got word they were open for business, which was not true according to Masri, who told us, "We are having a friends and family preview and are not open yet for business. I had Quattro open for ten days of the same kind of previews and had no trouble." For some reason, someone didn't want Mokai to open last night, if at all. Too bad. It did open, if a little later than expected. We didn't stay to go inside but we received a call from the place's publicist, Lindsey Cooper, close to 11pm, saying that the doors were finally open. At last! And what's up with all this underhanded, sneaky, I'm telling on you, behavior? It's so third grade. Grow up and embrace the competition, people!