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September 01, 2006

Fun Tidbits for Happy Hour

Before The Dirt Miami, there was an intrepid, anonymous peddler of local gossip called MB Page Six. Not at all affiliated with the NY Post's original, our version here has sent us some interesting tidbits that will make for fun cocktail conversation. We can't confirm or deny them at this moment, though we did hear something about the first item, but here they are:

--the owners of Carpaccio and formerly Sugo at the Sanctuary are opening a new hot spot across from Prime 112.

-- Cameron Diaz was allegedly in town last week "Bringing sexy back by renting a yacht with Justin Timberlake for the Mediterranean. Yes, that happened," says MB Page Six, who also told us that no, Wilmer Valderrama did not check out the Angler's hotel, the space that's apparently hosting his and Ashton Kutcher's restaurant, Dolce.

--MB Page Six also jokes about the new Nicky O boutique hotel, saying, "Nicky Oh No Condo... why would anyone join up with her falling Star...Maybe her sis should pen a new song entitled Developers are Blind".