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September 15, 2006

Drag Diva Rebuffs Cameras. Say It Isn't So!

At first when we heard that the camera friendly drag queen Elaine Lancaster refused to be caught on the leering lenses last night at the Voodoo Lounge's Rodman's Rehab party in Fort Lauderdale last night, we thought it was the first sign of the apocalypse. Now we're hearing that the reason why Lancaster refused to be filmed wasn't because best friend Dennis Rodman was sporting a halter top, but because OJ Simpson was also in the house. "Lancaster told the film crews she just wasn't in the mood to be photographed again with OJ," says our source. Once upon a time, Lancaster and OJ appeared in the pages of a supermarket tabloid that implied the former footballer had the hots for the gender bender. While we're convinced now that Lancaster's refusal of publicity wasn't apocalyptic, we're still a little disturbed by the fact that OJ, who is being sued by the family of murder victim Ronald Goldman for the rights to Simpson's likeness and name, is out and about at parties instead of pursuing his search for the 'real killers.' Unless, of course, he got a good tip that the real killers would be at Rodman's Rehab.