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June 02, 2006

Sorry Miss Jackson...

Which Janet Jackson do you like better, the fat or the thin version? Was there really much of a difference? Her 60 pound weight loss is dramatic, yes, but we're used to Jacko's little sis's penchant for yo yo-ing up and down. That said, Jackson was at Barton G. The Restaurant last night with her 12 dancers and four security guards eating like there was no tomorrow. Well, the dancers and body guards really went nuts. Janet, however, requested special things, like, no oil, no potatoes and no taste. Just kidding. She did well and we're proud. She didn't even dive into the jumbo ice cream sundae, instead, choosing to nibble on a lonely lil strawberry--sans chocolate. It must have been hard to resist all that food, really, and for that, we admire the newly thin Jackson for exhibiting extreme willpower. What went on behind closed doors at her suite at the Mandarin Oriental, however, is unbeknownst to us. We'll choose to believe it's all carrot and celery sticks in her mini bar.