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May 01, 2006


Whether or not new age maestro Yanni assaulted his last twenty something girlfriend was clearly irrelevant at Saturday night's Fashion Art Ball at the Casa Casuarina, where a slew of silicone Barbies were seen swarming all over the guy upstairs at the Davidoff Cigar Lounge. "Half of them clearly didn't even know what a Yanni was," says a source. "It must be his hair--he has money hair." Um, more than hair, the fact that Yanni was cavorting with Casa owner Peter Loftin most likely had something to do with the harem crowding around the Greek. If you ask us, we liked it better when Yanni was shacked up with Linda Evans. Now he's just another rich dude with a good tan and a manse in Palm Beach playing the field. Not very zen-sounding, is it?