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May 12, 2006

Titillating Anna Kournikova Sighting

After a long draught, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias sightings are aplenty. This one may be the breast--er, best, though. The happy (?) couple was spotted at the Quarterdeck, a sports bar on Alton Road,  last night, where they sat at the bar for 20 minutes, waiting for a table. "There's no VIP treatment at the Quarterdeck," says our spy. Imagine that! But that's not all! The "low key and down to earth" duo were with a couple and a little girl. Anna had fun playing with the little girl. But there was something else that was distracting her more and it had nothing to do with any of the sporting events on the TVs. It seems that the tennis tart could not stop lobbing looks at the bosom of a South Beach stunner who was sitting across from her at the bar. "Anna couldn't stop checking my girlfriend out. She wouldn't stop looking at her boobs," says the proud informant. Perhaps they reminded her of the tennis balls from her past?


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hi lesley i have a question for you.how come you seems in doubdt that anna and enrique are not a happy couple?


Hi Lesley, how do u know where is going to be Enrique? I wanna see him, I live in Miami, but I've never seen him...

Lesley Abravanel

I doubted their happiness because he was out flirting without her at Social last Friday. Ever since then, he's been seen out with Anna, all happy in love. Who knows. As for where to see him, Andrea, he's all over town, from Heat games to, well, Quarterdeck on Alton Road!! You never know!


I guess his a jerk, Anna is such acute girl...Why does he need to go out and flirt with other girls?? He's a jackass!


hi lesley,i have a question about enrique's brother julio jr.what is he doing?he never really become famous or successful as a singer.

Lesley Abravanel

Julio, Jr. is a doll and a success in his own right. He's just not as out there as his bro, I guess.


hi lesley i have another question for you.i was just kind of wondering if you happen to know if enrique's true star cologne is selling well or not.


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