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May 08, 2006


IIt's been a blissfully long time since we last heard about Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, but on Friday night, Enrique reemerged, sans his tennis tart, for the big Cinco de Mayo party at Social Miami at the Sagamore. With his new BFF, Ryan Cabrera. According to our peeps, "Ryan Cabrera and Enrique Iglesias were flirting with the 20 beauties that were at their table while they were drinking and eating the night away at Social Miami.  The boys seemed to be having a great time with the model looking ladies and Enrique was carrying himself quite the single guy." And, obla di, obla da,  life goes on.


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saw ryan cabrera (who by the way is VERY SHORT!!! i was surpirsed) and enrique at snatch on saturday night also...came in around 2am in a big group that included mark lemhkuhl nicola siervo and a bevy of beauties and proceeded to hold court at a table in the center of the club and were mobbed by people all night

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