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May 23, 2006

On the Set of My Sexiest Year

Thanks to Jennifer, the self proclaimed 'lowly extra' on the set of My Sexiest Year, the film that's currently shooting in Miami starring Harvey Keitel and a random cast of quasi celebs, we have some behind the scenes scoop in case you were curious:

I was an extra on the set of 'My Sexiest Year' yesterday at Joe's Stone Crab and just thought you might be interested in what went on...
Frankie Muniz and Harvey Keitel were both very friendly and down to earth, although I had a difficult time getting over how teeny tiny Frankie actually is. The poor thing definitely gets his clothes at the Juniors Department, but he has beautiful clear green eyes.
As I was trying desperately to keep my eyes open (due to the 6:30 am call time) while waiting for the next scene to wrap up, who walked through the restaurant but the beautiful Amber Valetta - who is just as stunning without a drop of make-up, although I can't say much for her 'better-than-thou' attitude, less than formidable acting skills and canary yellow hair. There was a scary moment around lunchtime when the crew realized that Amber couldn't eat from the regular lunch buffet like all the other commoners and there ensued a frantic scavenger hunt for her demand of a fresh turkey wrap before she fainted from hunger... Needless to say, they got it to her just in the nick of time - phew. She laughed and kidded around with Frankie as they shot a scene involving a large ziploc bag full of weed (which looked an awful lot like catnip...) and fake stone crabs (alas, we extras were not fed fake stone crabs, but we did get to nibble on some scrumptious chocolate cake during one of the restaurant scenes).
As we took a break for lunch, I almost fell over with delight when I spotted my idol - Karolina Kurkova, who was loitering by the dessert buffet and stuffing her face with cake. Let me tell you, that girl deserves to be paid millions for being born with a body like that - she is superbly stunning. She also lurrvvvvvves to be the center of attention - breaking out R-rated poses for pictures with Director Howard Himelstein and his parents who came to visit him on set (he even put them in one of the restaurant scenes - awwwww...), and frolicking about in a Versace-type minidress that hardly covered her hoohaa (granted, the movie is set in the 70s so we were all dressed scantily in bold prints and disco attire). At one point she skipped through the room where all the extras were waiting, yelling out that we should be quiet, and telling us in a rather loud baby voice how cute we were... A tad strange - I thought she might have been drunk, but it might just be her need for constant attention.
All in all, an entertaining day and I was super pleased to see two of my favorite models in action. They did not disappoint and, to be honest - who are we kidding? If they acted like the rest of us it just wouldn't be as fun, would it?


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It was a truly GREAT experience. They went to my school (Coral Gables Senior High) to also film some scenes and we were supposed to be there at 6am. I almost fell in love with Frankie....or probably did. Hes so cute and anyways back to the story. Haylee duff is EXTREMELY nice. She thanked everyone for comming and so did the others. Out in a rush was Frankie particulary because i belive he wanted to change. (Who wouldnt?) Everyone was a sweet heart but what cracked me up is that because of Frankies height he had to stand on a box to kiss the model (Valetta)and it was just so fun to be in such a great experience. I would love to do it again but this time as they main actor!

JENNIFER "JEN-O" 16 years. old


In response to Jennifer the extra's post: Some comments should be reevaluated...
first of all, Frankie's eyes are blue, not green, Amber does not have a "better than thou" attitude at all -- if you knew her you'd know that...maybe from afar it seemed that way, but that's not her m.o. at all, just a day at work for her with a lot to do, so no time to socialize with the extras, Karolina is all joking around, especially on the set with her role in the movie, so if you knew anything, you'd know that she was goofing on her character who's supposed to be the "center of attention". So please try to get it right when posting comments without sufficient information. Thanks - a crew member.




At first i was thinking in response to whos "Jennifer the extra comment" you "P" were refering to. Then i understood you were speaking about Jennifer the one who was an extra for the Joe Stone Crabs. Not the one who was the extra for the school which is another extra. I think people are entitled to there opinion. Maybe the Jennifer who wrote the article wasent given enough accurate information to write the article but shes still entitled to her opinion.


what??? nobody had anything to say about Ryan Cabrera??? i mean i wasnt there and dont even know who most of the people u guys were talking about are ,but i deffenitly no u left out the most important person. what the hell is wrong wit u????? isn't there anyone else out there besides me who LOVES Ryan Cabrera?????


i just one word!!you'r fabeuless


you'r so so so so so cute.


dude totally!! Ryan Cabrera is going to be the highlight of the movie for me! haha I can't wait till it comes out! and everyone gets to see the comb over!

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