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May 19, 2006

Is She Or Isn't She?

The biggest question on stunning supermodel Iman's mind last night at the Setai wasn't whether or not her line of cosmetics would succeed--it already has. In fact, she quipped, "I married a sugar daddy a few years ago--his name is Proctor and Gamble." Touche!

What Mrs. David Bowie did want to know was whether or not we knew if J-Lo was preggo. "We have no idea," we told her, "But we heard her publicist defiantly said no." To which Iman asked, "So why did she cancel her European tour, I wonder?"

I suggested another theory: "Low ticket sales, perhaps?"  Iman liked that one and then moved on to her friend and colleague of sorts Naomi Campbell, who's having a birthday party in the Dubai desert. "Some prince out there wants the publicity. They're even flying in the paparazzi," Iman laughed. Hey, where's our ticket?