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April 03, 2006

Peachy Scene

The launch party for Ocean Drive's new Atlanta Magazine Peach Friday night at the InterContinental in Buckhead was an orgy for the eyes of those who aren't used to seeing such big stars in one room. Sitting in one VIP area was Pamela Anderson along with some of her closest friends from PETA, who were there to host the party and accept a ten grand check from OD publisher Jerry Powers. Pammy had to be on a plane at 7am so she wasn't necessarily partying like a rock star, but she was definitely looking stellar. Also in the same VIP area was T-Boz from TLC, who was very engrossed in the premiere issue of Peach. We wish we had a little reading light to lend her. When Pammy left the couch, comedian Chris Tucker took her place and when yours truly went to clink her champagne glass with his water bottle he waved me off thinking I was offering him champagne. "No, Chris, I just wanted to say 'cheers'." He got it and clinked his water bottle against my champagne glass.  My brush with fame was ephemeral, to say the least. In a completely different VIP area across the room was Usher and his doppelganger brother just chilling out and listening to Ludacris perform a passionate show. There was nothing ludacris about that performance unlike other past performances with artists who are just into the signing, um, and sealing and not necessarily the delivering.  All in all, we're all warm and fuzzy over Atlanta thanks to the Peach party. Good times.