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February 25, 2006

Saturday, on the beach

Saturday, on the beach....weather is holding.

"The skies are beginning to get threatening again,'' said Lisa Palley, PR coordinator for the wine and food festival. Luckily, the centerpiece of the festival -- the all star tribute to Ferran Adria of the famed El Bulli restaurant in Spain -- is being held inside at the Loews hotel later on. More on that later...

As for Bobby Flay's father, it was a false alarm. No heart attack. "Just too much excitement" that caused him to collapse, Palley said.


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Toll Booth Poll

I wonder why this blog about scummy rich people does not get any comments? Even the Library Lady does better than this.

Can it be that nobody honestly wants to know what the rich scum of Miami are doing? Geez, how can we live without another report?

How about spending all this effort documenting the kickbacks and the bribes that go to the maggots who are the Miami politicians?

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