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February 13, 2006

Dirty weekend

Lots of stuff went on over the weekend and not all of it had anything to do with the Ocean Drive Mag party Saturday night.

--Bobby Brown was back in town and checked into the Shore Club, we hear, but the check in clerk forgot to take a credit card imprint for incidentals. Brown charged $400 at the spa but later claimed not to have any money so the hotel locked him out of his room! Say it isn't so! It's so. The hotel was thisclose, we hear, to calling the police after blocking Brown's limo in with a staffer's car. But at the eleventh hour, Brown's attorney called in and wired the funds.

--Something similar happened to Paris Hilton, who checked into a bungalow at The Shore Club and suddenly "ran out of money," so she had to get Bank of America to wire in $5,000 so she'd have money for the weekend. Apparently the heiresses credit card was maxed out. Shocker!