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January 24, 2006

Old news is good news.

Although it feels like a year ago since our nocturnal bastille was stormed by a slew of celebrities for New Year's Eve, some news takes a while to finally slip out. And if it was just a tawdry little tidbit on Lindsay Lohan's lack of manners or trouble breathing, we'd ignore it, but this one's just too good.

We were told that Leonardo DiCaprio and his posse---if you recall, he put his posse on the shelf for a while when he was dating Giselle Bundchen---skipped out on a whopping $20,000 bar tab at the Setai, not even leaving a )#*$)#( tip! Can you believe that? We can. Drinks at that place are exorbitant. But still. If that's true, we don't know who's dumber--the people who chugged and screwed, or the people who allowed that to happen.


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Lesley Abravanel

Good point. Very good point!


Maybe Leo's BFF Lukas Haas knows where all the $ went that night?

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