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January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

While yours truly was busy in Sin City  (where Paris Hilton nearly renegged on her hosting duties at Venetian Hotel hot spot Tao because her 19-year old Greek beau du jour was allegedly in trouble with Vegas police for underage boozing, and where Nicky Hilton's party at Pure in Caesar's Palace usurped sister Paris's as the place to be, attracting a motley crew of stars including Stevie Wonder and his wife; and where an even odder pair--Rob Lowe and Kenny G. were spotted at The Hotel's fabby a go go Mix restaurant and lounge) spying on randomly running into Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston at 4 in the morning, a whored horde of celebs and wanna be's stormed our fair city. Here is the play by play:

At the Delano:

Jamie Foxx's arrival at the Delano was delayed when the private plane that was chartered to take him to Miami wouldn't star and Jamie then refused to board it. Another plane was chartered, but this time, a bird crashed into the window at take off, grounding that plane, too. Finally, another plane was chartered and whisked Jamie and his six friends to Opa Locka airport. According to a very reliable source, "There were strict instructions from the Delano brass to the airport driver, saying 'no stops at the drug store." And they didn't mean CVS, either.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Lohan, also checked into the Delano and, according to our spy, "Is more of a bitch than anyone could ever imagine. But you have to decide if her mother Dina is as much of a bitch." As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. After checking into 6 rooms,which were accomodating mom and friends, Lindsay then asked to switch two of her rooms for a pool bungalow, where her neighbors were Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg.
At the sneak preview party of Glass at the Forge:
Although it's not officially opening until this Wednesday, January 4, Glass had a pre party that hosted the likes of Mickey Rourke, who hung tight with fashion photog Sante D'Orazio. Also in the crowd, producer/director Michael Bay and Sopranos chick, Jamie Lynn Sigler (formerly Discala, the name belonging to ex hubby AJ, whose BFF happens to be Jessica Simpson's ex, Nick Lachey).
At the Shore Club:
Onlookers were gawking at the scene at the Pipino Salon, where Lohan, Sigler and Molly Simms were all getting coiffed simultaneously. The gaggle was all a'giggle at what a fun time they were having here in our fair city. Like Lohan, Simms brought her family down with her while Sigler sported her best friend. Tresser to the stars Pipino also did the 'do on OC star Mischa Barton, who was busy at the Hotel Victor fulfilling hostessing duties and fighting with her boyfriend, Whitestar musician Cisco Adler.
At the Hotel Victor:
So after that Cisco kid did his New Year's rockin' eve thing, performing at midnight for an audience of 800 people (650 of which had never heard of Whitestar until that night), he got into a big blowout with gal pal Barton. According to our spy there, the couple was "Dropping f-bombs, slamming doors and stomping. They then held themselves behind locked doors of their bungalow." Besides screaming, there was a noticeably fragrant smell of herb wafting from the bungalow for much of the night, which may have helped the couple to calm down a bit.
According to our very inside source, "Cisco was mad because Mischa wanted to hang out with us. He yelled at her and said, 'I can't believe you want to hang out with these people instead of me." Like a true starlet, she just screamed back at him, saying "These are my friends and I want to have fun." So there.
Also at the Victor was teen queen Amanda Bynes, who had to fight off horny Whitestar band members who were pawing all over her. Designer Travor Reins of Heatherette partied with his clique of club kid friends around the pool, and WB and MTV star Nick Zano called his new love, VH1 host Rachel Perry, at the stroke of Midnight to wish her a happy new year. Awww.
Moments later, Nicole Richie abandoned her hosting duties--which she fulfilled to many people's surprise with ex fiance DJ AM--and showed up at the Victor fuming over the fact that AM was "Being cold to her and flirting with other girls. She said "F this and went to the Victor to party" with fellow skeleton and new BFF, Barton. The duo hung out for a while and then piled into Nicole's car to head over to the Setai around 1:30.
At the Setai:
All the aforementioned, including Bruce Willis, who we hear is in hot pursuit of supermodel Petra Nemcova, and Leonardo DiCaprio. More on him in a few.
At Mansion and Prive:
Mother and daughter Lohan arrived at Prive at about 11:30pm on New Year's Eve. Linds was spotted hanging in the DJ booth while spin mistress Samantha Ronson did her thing. Linds then left the party for about an hour--from 3am-4am, so she could check out the scene at Mansion. Once there, she said 'hey' to on again, off again, on again beau Wilmer Valderrama, Amanda Bynes, Gabrielle Union and DJ Sky Nellor, who used to date Oscar winner Adrien Brody. Then Linds headed back to Prive, where DiCaprio, Fat Joe and Girls Gone Wild pig mogul Joe Francis were partying. Nicole Richie fled Mansion (see above) and joined Lindsay at her table. Leo held court in the VIP room until 6am "looking very happy to be single and loving the attention he was getting from all the ladies," says our spy.  He spent most of his time at Prive standing on a couch looking out on the crowd sporting a sideways baseball cap and chain smoking cigarettes. According to another onlooker, it sounds like Leo "could benefit from a little Weight Watchers these days." Back at the Manse, Wilmer was hanging in the DJ booth with AM and, at 5 am, was behind the turntables with a mic in hi shands singing the songs being played a la Jamie Foxx and Gold Digger. The only time Wilmer wasn't in the DJ booth was when The Bravery performed, we hear.
Meanwhile at the Mynt party at The Setai:
Mynt threw a huge party in the 10,000 square foot, 44th floor penthouse at the Setai where Vin Diesel, DiCaprio, Bay, and Willis hung out and gawked at the leggy models who were hired invited to make things pretty. The party at the Setai pool And because no party is the same without the requisite Tara Reid sighting, the deposed E! hostess showed up in the wee hours at Mynt--the club, not the penthouse party.
And on Sunday, they all rested. Yeah, right.