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December 06, 2005

Stupor model?

We love Lauren Hutton--the gap in her tooth, the ability to look much younger than her 96 years and her feisty way of life, you know, motorcycling and all. But we have to say shame on Lauren for standing her guests up at the Delano Art for Beauty dinner on Sunday night. All her guests were eagerly awaiting her arrival, kind of like the folks waiting for Louie Prima to show up in the movie Big Night, to no avail. When the Delano received a rambling call from Ms. Hutton saying she wasn't feeling well but would try to stop by, they tried to placate the guests with the news. According to our sources, Ms. Hutton did show up for all of three minutes. Better than nothing, we guess.


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Ms. Hutton seemed to be feeling just fine on Saturday late afternoon. We saw her at the NADA Fair in Downtown Miami purchasing some art.


I saw her Sunday night at about 9pm laughing and talking with a blonde woman and she didn't seem ill at all. I don't know if that was before or after she was supposed to be at the dinner but it would seem like after. I think she was out with her friend and didn't want to bother with the dinner.

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