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December 19, 2005

Katie Holmes and the Fresh Prince

This just in from someone who was lucky enough to snag an invite to Katie Holmes's forty seventh 27th birthday party shindig, this time on Saturday night at Casa Larios.

"I was invited to her birthday party at Casa Larios after Jingle Ball and they were all over each other for more than two hours. They are definately in love. It was actually nice to see two people so in love. Other guests were Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Jazzy Jeff, and Alfonso Ribiero--(ed. note: a Fresh Prince Reunion!). There was a live band, an all you can eat 5 course dinner and open bar.

Will Smith took care of the bill. It was pretty amazing. Unfortunately there are no pics because it was strictly forbidden for anyone to take pictures at the party where Katie blew out the candles of huge three dimentional pineapple cake. So there you have it."