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October 26, 2005

Wilma truly blew

Power, water, showers, who needs 'em? Just hit Lincoln Road at night, before curfew preferably, and you'll be amongst what seems like hundreds of skanky storm survivors looking for a little action. Last night on Lincoln was a mob scene with a few places open--David's Cafe, the ice cream joint, Spris, , the cute little muscles place, Tiramesu, World Resources and, of course, Score.

Without lights, it didnt matter how vile you looked, really. In the meantime, while all of this week's woulda been fabby events have been cancelled or postponned, we just spoke to Alan Roth, sheltering at partner Tommy Pooch's place, and he says the Bimbos and Muscleheads party on Sunday at The Raleigh is still on. So far it's the only one that's still on and frankly we can't wait to don our Hello Kitty pajamas and see if they'll let us in.