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August 29, 2005

A Dunst cap?

We thought Kirsten Dunst was dating hottie Jake Gylenhaal,  but she did seem like she was trying to flirt with Orlando Bloom up in the Raleigh penthouse, according to our brave spy who managed to get past the vigilant, watchful Ingrid Casares who was guarding the list like the Queen's jewels.

Anyway as our spies were leaving they heard Dunst mention to Orlando that she was going to her room and to call her.  Spy-man was in the elevator with Bloom and he says, "I think he was trying to rap to one of the girls I was with, but he was, overall, one of the nicest guys that I have had the opportunity to meet."

Nice guys who are allegedly dating Kate Bosworth do not call girls like Kirsten Dunst at 4 am.