October 07, 2008

OK, please go away now Kimbo

Aaa1kimbo      The YouTube- and media-created mystique surrounding Miami's Kimbo Slice continued to get stripped away when he got pummeled in a 14-second beating in a mixed martial arts bout at the Sunrise arena.

      I have marveled for a long while how Kimbo has managed to exceed his 15 minutes of fame. Thinking the clock has now run out on him. All the man had was his aura of badass invincibility. What's left?

     As I wrote several weeks ago, mixed martials arts in general and EliteXC in particular are brutal and barbaric and should go away.

     One thing, though, about the speculation making the Internet rounds the past several days regarding this fight being fixed. Do I think EliteXC is above fixing a fight or that CBS wouldn't look the other way? No. But if this fight was fixed, it was fixed very badly, because Kimbo losing probably the worst thing that could have happened to this "sport."

     Which alone made the evening a success.

June 01, 2008

Bulletin: Kimbo has to work for a win (with The Daily Poll)

Aaa1kslice    [Sunday morning update: Well, I watched the big show last night. For a change, Kimbo Slice had to work for a victory, showing more "ground skills" than anyone knew he had. I guess I can see why so many people like mixed martial arts, although, for me, it's still ridiculously violent and just a weird, cartoon offshoot of boxing. I'll be OK if I never see another bleeding cauliflower ear, by the way. To each his own, right? Or maybe not!]

     [Friday Update: My Thursday column has thus far generated well over 100 e-mails, the vast majority predictably critical of what I wrote -- predictable because the column has been posted on several MMA sites. My finger hurts from using the Delete button so much. Just kidding! Wouldn't want to imply I don't read my e-mails! I am constantly amused when sports fans become enraged when others do not share their view. I might like football, snowboarding or bocci. Doesn't mean you have to].

     Original post:

    You'd know by my new column online now and shipping to Thursday's newspaper -- click here -- that I don't much like the mixed martial arts/ultimate fighting thing, nor do I follow lemming-like to join the mania over the "sport's" hottest current practitioner, Miami's own Kimbo Slice.

     As the sport and Kimbo (pictured) prepare to get their biggest shot of publicity yet with a first prime-time airing by CBS on Saturday night, it's time to weigh in.

     I think the sport is barbaric beyond reasonable discourse, and that those who practice it or cheer it shame themselves. I also think that Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo's real name) should be nobody's hero just because, instead of crime, his answer to poverty was the legalized criminality of beating other people with his fists.

     The question is: What do you think? About this extreme type of "freestyle fighting," but particularly about the would-be urban legend Mr. Slice. Vote in our poll and elaborate with a comment.

     Tell why you voted the way you did. Because keeping your feelings bottled up inside could lead to "issues" resulting in years of expensive therapy, whereas venting here could lead to you winning next week's Florida Lottery.