April 02, 2010

Dwyane Wade's nightmare; plus Dez Bryant, truth on Marino/Raiders 1990, haiku winner, Marlins stat projections & more

[Note: Dolphins draft poll still welcoming votes in the post directly below this].

1aadwade WADE'S PERSONAL NIGHTMARE: In court papers being filed today Heat megastar Dwyane Wade is asking for full custody of his two sons, 8 and 2, alleging that estranged wife Siohvaughn is an unfit parent and saying she needs psychological help. He also is suing her for defamation, and their divorce trial is set for June. Ugly, bitter situation. Pretty remarkable he can set aside the inner and personal turmoil and perform like he does on the court. Every day, a new reminder that athletes are human. They bleed like us. (Granted, they bleed on thousand-dollar silk sheets and have personal valets to clean up the mess. But you get my point). Pictured: Better days.

DEZ BRYANT: Dolphins met with receiver Dez Bryant last night and are to do so again today, an encouraging sign that the team still is seriously considering him with the 12th overall pick in the draft. Remember the Cote Formula, Dolphins: Baggage Plus High-Impact Trumps Perfect Citizen Without High-Impact.

1aavenusw VENUS WILLIAMS: Venus Williams advances to women's final of Sony Ericcson Open while wearing red negligee (left). "Weird mixup," she explained. "I wore my tennis dress to bed last night." 

MARINO/RAIDERS 1990 TRADE TALKS: I was surprised to read in another Miami Herald blog a recent post about Dan Marino once almost joining the Raiders. A colleague left the impression the trade possibility was not covered at the time, and seems to invite credit for first reporting it. The colleague wrote, "In the mid to late 1990s when I first wrote it, I took a lot of heat from local sports talk radio..." And: "The story broke in the mid 1990s." Hmm. Huh? I happened to cover the Dolphins fulltime for two years, in 1990-91, so I know better. This possible trade was nearly all I wrote about in March 1990, including a March 23 story in which Marino publicly acknowledged for the first time he'd asked to be traded. (You could look it up!) It was first reported then that the L.A. Raiders were the serious suitor, but that Miami's demands for the then-28-year-old Marino were too high. The Dolphins were demanding one or two first-round draft picks, depending on other considerations, plus one or two young but rising players. Raiders players discussed included running back Bo Jackson, cornerback Terry McDaniel and guard Steve Wisniewski. 

ALEX BROWN, ANYONE?: Bears released defensive end Alex Brown today. He is 30, and fairly productive with 43 1/2 sacks in eight seasons including six ast year. Also a play-with-pain guy who had 127 straight starts. Might be someone the Dolphins should consider for the right price. I'm just sayin'.

"I AM KAZAAM" WINS HAIKU CONTEST: I have relegated the March Madness Haiku Challenge winner announcement to this small item in a pique, because the entries were disappointing to me in both number and quality. But standing above the rest was I am Kazaam with: "There is no Cinderella, only step-mothers. Somewhere, Wofford weeps." The alliterative ending nailed it. Congrats, Kazaam. E-mail me your address and once I verify it's you via your IP number we'll agree on a prize.

1aabrooklyn ANDY RODDICK: Here is my column on Roddick and the state of American tennis from the Sony Ericcson Open. Pictured left is Andy's wife Brooklyn Decker, the swimsuit model. This is one (or perhaps two) of the reasons life is very good for Andy.

1aacarneyjackson AREA BOY SLAYS GIANT 'CUDA: The young boy in the picture is Jackson Carney, 7, who helped the man at right bring in this large barracuda off the south jetty at Haulover. Jackson is the son of a friend of ours. That is one of the small privileges of bloggery: Throwing in a personal photo on occasion.

RICKY MARTIN: Always suspected he was gay. But then when he revealed he was, I found myself not giving even half a crap.

THE LIST: MARLINS PROJECTIONS: Courtesy Bodog.com, over/unders on key statistical categories for prominent Marlins in 2010:

27.5   Hanley Ramirez homers

30   Dan Uggla homers

.297   Chris Coghlan average

20.5  Jorge Cantu homers

14   Ricky Nolasco wins

15   Josh Johnson wins

Note: Also for Ramirez: 95.5 RBIs and .320 average.