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Poll: Who's next? Which South Florida Big 5 team is closest to championship? Last day to vote!; plus your call on top five biggest current Miami sports stars! (Is who's No. 1 a surprise?); also, Facebook Live, Hot Button Daily (Sat) & more


1) It is SATURDAY, JUNE 17. Good to be back in-studio with LeBatard Show this week. Fun show Tuesday. Really enjoyed meeting and sharing air with Domonique Foxworth. 2) ICYMI, check out our recent posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a pictorial of our recent 12-day day European vacation in Spain, Italy and France. 3) Know any Dolfans? Surprise them with our book on club's first half-century. Learn more or order at Fins At 50. 4) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Biggest current South Florida pro athlete poll, the line on political discourse, your verdict on Tiger Woods & more. 45 Join us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat.

Me on Herald Facebook Live: Myself and colleague Manny Navarro discussed Heat, Dolphins and other stuff on Miami Herald Facebook Live this week. If you missed it, click here to watch.

MIAMI'S NEXT MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM: OUR ANNUAL POLL: Which of South Florida's Big 5 teams -- Dolphins, Heat, Hurricanes football, Marlins or Panthers -- is best-positioned to next Nextchamp Nextchamp2reign as champion of their sport? It is a subject I tackle in my latest column. I don't see any next-champ as imminent. Think all have a steep climb. The Fins, Heat and Canes face major competition roadblocks and the Marlins woefully lack starting pitching. The Panthers actually may be closest. Click on Steep Climbs For Miami's Big 5 to read the full column. But I'm more interested in your opinion, so here comes our annual blog poll on the topic. A year ago you had UM football edging Panthers 30.3% to 28.2%, followed by Heat 19.2%, Dolphins 13.0% and Marlins 9.4%. Has the order changed for 2017? You decide, right now. Vote and check back often to monitor evolving results. And remember: This is not a favorite sport or favorite team poll. Regardless of who you most cheer or hope wins, which team do you honestly feel is closest to winning it all? The poll below is alphabetical by team nickname. Vote now!

ANNOUNCING OUR 'MOUNT RUSHMORE-PLUS': THE FIVE BIGGEST CURRENT STARS IN OUR BIG FOUR PRO SPORTS: We gave you a ballot listing 20 candidates, the top current stars from the Dolphins, Heat, Marlins and Panthers. We allowed you to name your top five. More than 1,500 votes were cast until we closed it off at 4 p.m. today. And here are your results, including the percentage of times that player was included on a top-five ballot, with my commentary:

Gstanton1. GIANCARLO STANTON, MARLINS RIGHT FIELDER, 80.20%: A fairly dominating win by the Fish slugger. A mild surprise to me, if only because the Marlins are not having a great year and are only our third-biggest team, after Dolphins and Heat. But there's something about a home-run hitter, and a Stanton at-bat is must-watch TV. Or is this result more indicative of A) three Dolphins splitting the vote, or B) Miami's overall starpower being diminished in the post-LeBron/Dwyane era.

Jlandry2. JARVIS LANDRY, DOLPHINS RECEIVER, 58.95%: Interesting to me that Landry was anointed the Fins' biggest star, although not a big surprise. He's a very productive, Pro Bowl player at a glamour position. And he's young and still ascending.


Hwhiteside3. HASSAN WHITESIDE, HEAT CENTER, 54.10%: Thought the big man had a shot at the overall title, but not quite sure his popularity with fans has yet caught up to his dominance in rebounding and blocked shots. Heat not making the players didn't help.

Nsuh4. NDAMUKONG SUH, DOLPHINS DEFENSIVE TACKLE, 50.90%: Pretty strong finish for a player in the trenches whose main task is the unglamorous job of stopping the run. A show of respect for his still-high status among NFL DTs.


Rtannehill5. RYAN TANNEHILL, DOLPHINS QUARTERBACK, 50.60%: Barely sneaking onto our mountaintop at No. 5 is a somewhat modest finish for an entrenched starting quarterback. It may be a reflection of many Dolfans still not be all-the-way sold on Tannehill.


Next five: Cam Wake, Dolphins defensive end, with 46.05%; Jaromir Jagr, Panthers right wing, with 29.30%; Jay Ajayi, Dolphins running back, with 26.40%; Goran Dragic, Heat guard, with 17.40%; and Udonis Haslem, Heat forward, with 15.80%. Others over 10%: Ichiro, Marlins outfielder; Dion Waiters, Heat guard; and Reshad Jones, Dolphins safety.

HOT BUTTON DAILY: SAT 6-17-17: Today's sports events of most interest to SoFla fans:

1. Marlins at Atlanta, 4 p.m.: Hot Fish on 16-8 run entering 2nd of 3 at Braves.

2. U.S. Open golf, 11 a.m.: 4-way tie for lead into 3rd round from Erin, Wisc.

3. College World Series, 3 p.m.: CWS gets underway with 2 games including FSU.

4. Ward-Kovalev boxing, 9 p.m.: Interesting light-heavyweight bout from Vegas.

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