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September 04, 2014

It's Upset Bird Day in America!; plus Super Bowl poll (vote now), Heat staff news, message of love & more

1aa1ajrivers1) It is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5. I'm up at Random Evidence Laboratories today bringing forth the Sunday notes-column package. 2) Joan Rivers, R.I.P., gone at 81. Never liked her latter-day, Botoxed, red carpet fashion police persona, but respected her as an earlier trailblazer for women comics. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): 4 truisms about Canes football, SOPY season debut, Kate Upton's nudie, Stanton MVP update, Upset Bird Countdown & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Facebook, Instagram and Vine.

UPSET BIRD DAY IN AMERICA!: We launch our 24th season of Friday Page NFL predictions today online and in the old-school inky pulp editions. I regret to note we got off to a stumbling start last night with 1aa1abird;pix 1aa1cotepixan ill-conceived risk on Green Bay winning at Seattle. (On the bright side, I got 26 points from Marshawn Lynch and 16 from Percy Harvin, so my fantasy team is off and flying. It was bittersweet watching my own guys help pummel my prediction). Click on Math By Division for the season's first Friday Page column; I forecast the records and standings of every team, by division, and issue my Super Bowl prediction. Click on Week 1 Gems for my all my predix capsules. My Upset of the Week ("Aaawwwk!") is Miami over New England. Yes, you read that right. Luckily, my only fantasy-team Patriot starter is the kicker, so I doubt he can do that much damage to the pick. [Addendum: The Upset Bird has just noticed the cartoon likeness of him above left includes a curvature of the beak, whereas, in real life, his proud raven's beak is of course as straight as a pair of needle-nose plyers. He isn't happy. "What the faaawwwk!"].

AND THE SUPER BOWL FAVORITE IS...?: I didn't want to make this poll unwieldy by including every 1aa1anflteam that thinks it has a playoff shot. (Sorry, Dolfans). Instead I narrowed it to the 1aa1aazsbfive teams with the best chance, by consensus, to win the Super Bowl. ESPN surveyed its 16 NFL experts and these were the only five teams, in fact, to be forecast as champion at least once. Also note the poll does not include "other" as a category, because the question is which team among the consensus favorites you most think will win it all. Vote and say why, or say which team not on the list you think will shock the world.

HEAT STAFF NEWS: Heat announced today that assistant coach Ron Rothstein has retired from coaching and will join the Heat broadcast team while remaining with the club as a corporate liaison, and that assistant Bob McAdoo will become a pro scout for the club and also serve as a community laision.

WHAT THE WORLD (STILL) NEEDS NOW...: Can you imagine writing about sports for a living -- trying to put forth the importance of the Dolphins stopping Rob Gronkowski, for example -- while across the globe Islamic State terrorist-megalomaniacs rampage and behead innocents? It's weird. So yesterday I'm fathoming this when across my car radio comes the song presented below. The message and lyrics are both so romantically naive and yet so urgently, increasingly needed in the world today. As long as the people who believe in the message outnumber those who don't, I guess we have a chance.


1aa1anevermoreUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 1 DAY (from Thursday): The Upset Bird and I launch our 24th 1aa1abird1season of NFL Friday Page predictions in the Miami Herald in 1 day, tomorrow, Sept. 5. To celebrate we have a daily countdown honoring notable fictional birds of different species. Today (following Captain Flint the parrot), we end our countdown with the only aviary star we could: Nevermore, talking raven from Edgar Allan Poe's 1845 poem, The Raven. The Upset Bird considers Nevermore a forebear and constant inspirational muse.

Check back often because we update and add to our latest blogposts an awful lot...


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Which team on Cotes list will be this years Texans???
My Bet San Fran...........

Another satisfied Sirius XM radio customer is Greg Cote.

Shad, check out the new Miata. I'm not too fond of Jap cars. I've had two in my life both later versions of the 240Z which I still regret to this day that I did not buy when it first came out but I've always been partial to German cars. By the way the 280ZX and 300ZX that I had for a short while became piles of rust quickly living a few blocks from the Pacific, no doubt the result of wafer thin steel sheathing created from 1950's and 1960's era American washing machines, dryers, toasters, and what ever metal trash Americans had that the sneaky little yellow bastards could get their hands on in the 70's.

But I've always liked the Miata. It has all the strength of the old British sports cars without their inherent problems. The new model still looks good. Check it out.


My first car was a 77' 280 zx I later had a 260 Z after I crashed the 280 lucky in that one could have been much worse. The early Miata's are junk that one doesn't look bad.

Actually it wasn't a 260 I had it was a 74' 240 zx black. True enough Woodcock it had some body work problems. Love those cars though true classics. They were Datsuns back then!

No it was a 260 I think first year they came out was 74'.

Anyone know what moves Marino has made since assuming office? Also how does he plan to deal with the ISIS situation...

Mr. Woodcock, the Miata is nice but too fancy for ole dukey. Besides I prefer German engineering in gun metal...

All Jap cars are trash even the new ones (Sorry OC.) but lately a few, a very few of them like the 1967 Toyota 2000 GT that sold at over a mil. But you almost have to keep them in Death Valley in a hermetically sealed tomb 500 hundred feet below ground to keep them from rusting. I've seen some nice 240Zs in SoCal that still look good but they have been restored big time over the years. Not too many of those have stood the test of time. They were a fun car to drive when they came out, though.

In Miami or in NE where you live those Jap cars have a short shelve life.....


Dukey, I'm disappointed in you, come on, bro. Marino's plan is to throw bombs at them. Hell, even if he couldn't spell CAT his plan is already better than Obama's.

"One of the great tragedies of mankind is that morality has been hijacked by religion."

Arthur C Clarke

Lets see, Duckey, I've owned 5 krauts, 2 japs, and 4 American cars (old battleships of at least 5,000 pounds of Detroit steel not that new piles of trash that they are building today.) and I would go with the Americans overall. They are much, much easier to maintain than the Krups panzer wagons that I've owned and those old battleships have been remarkably resilient against the salt water air of Manhattan Beach even though they've been parked outside. The krauts are fabulous cars and more reliable than their reputation. And rust? What's that. But overall for the most bang for your buck nothing beats an old American rear drive V-8 like an F-150 truck or some of the old Chevys, Buicks, and even the old Cadys.

Japanese know how to build cars. Most Nissan models right now are very reliable with low maintenance costs they run forever. Most auto mechanics will tell you that guess I am in the OC camp on that one.

Yeah, because everybody knows what a terrible and unreliable car a Lexus is.

Some infiniti models are nice acura is a mixed bag though.

The New Orleans Saints will defeat the New England Patriots 34-28 in the Super Bowl February 1 2015.The Saints will have home field for all their playoff games because of the their soft NFC South division while Seattle and Green Bay will have to face three tough foes in their own divisions.New England will win a weaker AFC by default because they play in the weak AFC East and Denver who has to play San Diego and Kansas City twice and will have to play Seattle,San Francisco and Arizona which means they will have to play the Belicheats at New England in the AFC title game.Greg what a great song you posted.1969 was no day at the beach when this song was released with Vietnam,The Sharon Tate murder by the Manson clan,York PA race riot which unlike the recent Ferguson MO riots two persons were killed but it seemed the popular music of those days was a lot better than the garbage that is disguised as popular music in 2014.

so ohhmmm , my early sunday prediction is.

Dolphins 29 / Patsies 27 in a very close game, yes I know the Dolphins don't actually have a head coach (they actually have two offensive coordinators in Lazor and Joey) but the season is here and is time to get behind the team.


correction..maybe Joey is not an offensive coordinator either, more like a janitor in charge of picking paper wrappers from the floor to make sure is clean.

Rear wheel American boats ar useless in Northeast...

Mr. Woodcock, you need something built to move across Russia in the winter and not peter out at Stalingrad. I think the Germans have resolved this salt peter problem area...

Speaking of Russians do they have any brand name cars of their own...

The Gulag 9000 city vehicle?...

The KGB-G sports vehicle for wild and crazy guys...

Patsies 967, the Steven Rosses -10

or is it the Philbins -10. No Ross is responsible for this seasonal mediocre mess...

U ok Duke?

Oye, FZ, bro but down the Chivas. You've been bad mouthing Mr. Basurita for months and now you're picking him to beat Bellicheat on Sunday. Ahahahahahahahahahaa.


Tremenda mierda!

Dukey, I'll defer to your experience in the Arctic I know not of what you speak, sir. No self respecting Cuban would live anywhere north of the Mason Dixon unless it is in New York City and some parts of New Jersey and even those boys even if they're working on Wall Street and making 8 or 9 figures have at least one pad in the 305, OK.

Unfortunately, unless by some incredible event our O line suddenly goes from crap to even just almost good by Sunday I'm afraid we'll come up short again against the hated Patsys. Oh, what I would give to see Brady on his ass all day Sunday getting hammered by our front 7.

FZ I always have said I care more about this blog than the Dolphins. Particularly this bizarro version. As for whether I'm ok, of course not...

Oye, OC, this is proof positive why your drives in Bumfuck, Texas are going farther than the usual ducks that you used to hit here in SoCal.

He he.

Wassup, OC!


Wood's..I'm picking the Dolphins to win since I bleed aqua and orange , the fact that clueless Joe is along for the ride?

Dukey- The first thing Marino had to do when he joined the Dolphins was to clean out the female personel in the office over 30 and hire more younger hot ones. In another 2 weeks or so when he is done interviewing new help, he will spend more time grading there skills. Then by thanksgiving when the team is starting to go in the tank again, he will tell Ross that Philbin has to go, and by the way, Tannahill is not the future.

Naples it almost hurts to say this but the Dolphins suck until further notice. I just can't be anymore forthright than that gentlemen. It's not personal it's ah crappy franchise with crappy leaders & crappy uniforms...

Oh yes hot porn babes all around could hardly hurt this Dolphins franchise. Ay least we'd have stiffies whilst watching our 'beloved" Dolphins fail, again...

I've owned small ford capri imported from Germany. Chevy Trailblazer was excellent SUV when I was raising 2 teenager boys in Colorado. Once that vehicle hit 150,000 miles it started to fall apart. Currently driving '14 Toyota car.

BADDA BING, BADDA BANG, BADDA BOOM! Time to make the dounuts...

I wonder if the back stabbing bitch is going to write clueless Joe's pre game speech to the team.

hey since I have direct TV I'll be able to watch what ever game I want this sunday, on account on a free weekend, yippie!

Jimbo, Capri from ze Duetschland(sp?) iz different than one from US due to reinforced Krupp armour on the front and both sides. In order to kill it you have to shoot it in the a**...

I like the 1-2 punch of Gore - Hyde in SF but their D is in turmoil. Choosing NO over Den in the big game. Peyton Manning is too tightly wrapped to pull of Super Bowl MVP. Former Super Bowl win was ho-hum over a weak Bears team.

Dolphins beat Brady & CO week one. 1-0 baby!


Concerning Sunday: You got my cell # & house address. I'm working Sat 4 pm to 8 am Sunday. I'll be too burned out to watch the game live at noon. DVR'ing the Fins game. Miami vs New England will be shown at 3 pm Sunday if you want to join me.

Duke, great to have you back!
That little car was my first. Ran it into the ground until she threw a rod through the block! VW Jetta was my 5th or 6th ride. Totaled it hitting bambi @ 75 mph. Tight ride indeed.

Naples @ 1:58 PM - LMAO!

Jimbo..My second car was a Capri (german)..my first was an Opel Manta (also german).


according to O - ISIS is JV & no threat to anyone. Now the Tea Party members, that's a different story.

1971 Capri was my first.

Jimbo, I bought a brand new 1973 Ford Capri V-6 in 1973. It was my first and only brand new car and I used it to make five or six cross country slogs between Miami and SoCal until I moved to LA for good in 1977. It was a British racing green color with tan interior. Those Capri's hauled ass. I basically drove it into the ground.

well everyone knows Obi is sort of in lala land or maybe he is protecting his own, after all he does a a Muslim name.

72 Firebird was my worst vehicle. Constantly tinkering under the hood. Great looking car, air shocks, L60's, clean.

Pats 31 Dolphins 13, 1 TD and 2 fistpump FGs...

Jimbo, Did that Firebird contain a 457 engine??????

Anti - no, 350.

and now there is this...yup, what U going to do about it Obi?


and Anti..don't be so negativo.

Buddy of mine had a 72 firebird with a 455 engine, Fastest car I've ever been in.....

First car 1970 Ford Mustang.

Dolphins lose Sunday but it will be close.


I had a feeling about your schedule. Unfortunately, I've negotiated away my late afternoon/evening time so that I could watch the 12 pm telecast. I'll see if I can switch my commitment. If not we can watch the following week's Buffalo game before I go off to SoCa the following week to kick Woodcock's a** all over the course.

I'm sure I'll post on here again before then, but if not, have a Happy Birthday on Sunday. Let's all hope we get to celebrate it in high spirits by beating up on NE.

Woodcock, you're an idiot. Colorado is not Texas. Texas has winds and is humid. Two factors that cancel out Colorado's thin air and dryness.

Please refer to the map of the United States, and look for the orange rectangle to the left of another state, Kansas.

Que clase de nalga.

I learned to drive in a 61 Dodge Lancer. It had a push-button transmission selector. My first car was a 71 Super Beetle, brand new that I flew over a little bridge next to the Castaways doing 45. The thing went airborne and landed on the crest of a second bridge before smashing into the guardrail and exploding the headlights and smashing the oil pan. I treated that thing as if it were a Porsche.

Also have had a second VW, a Celica, a Toyota truck (which I also drove like a Porsche. Hell, you can say that about every single vehicle I've owned or driven), a Fiat 124 Spider, a 300 ZX, Lexus 250, Camry, and Ford Escape.

Week 1. I wanna say Fish but the Pats have looked great on offense with Brady in the game. The only hope the Dolphins have is that Brady gets hurt on the first play of the game.

Pats 30 Dolphins 13

But I hope I am wrong

Brady did miss the last practice with a calf injury, but will play on Sunday. We will have to keep an eye out for that.

OC, what are you talking about? When you come to LA next week you will be doing exactly what you're going to be doing this Sunday after the Dolphs game; going to the museum, shopping for cook books, looking at drapes, selecting pastel colors for the Golden Boy's bedroom, stopping at Whole Foods to sip a cup of coffee for 4 hours, sitting in the park looking at butterflies, shopping for linens, taking in the latest Merrill Streep tear jerker, spending seven hours at Barnes & Noble perusing through the Haiku books, the cook books, and the architectural magazines, waiting in line at Disneyland to ride Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for the 1,899,573rd time, then on to Mission to check out the pad, eat the $5.99 special at the little Mexican restaurant across the bridge, and then call me to give you and the Mrs. a ride to the airport. Oh, I forgot the first thing that you're going to do when you get to LA next week, "Oye, Woodcock, I'm over here at LAX can you come pick me up?"

Where on Earth are you going to find time to play golf, OC?

He he.

Last Hurricane championship 2001

Donna Shalala - assumed office 2001

Haven't won anything since....

Curse of the Troll ?!!

Check out this interview with the owner of the third McDonald's ever opened in Downey, CA. And then read some of the comments that people (over 7,000 have posted.) We are doomed.

The longer this moron Obama is in the White House the worse that things will be in America.

Mr. Piazza's comments on McDonald's and the demand for a minimum wage hike are right on the money.

If you can't tell what side of the aisle the interviewer and author of the piece is on just read the last sentence of the article.


One week to go before 9/11. What are the odds that nothing happens?

Who wins tonight, Seattle or Green Bay? Should be an excellent game.

Seattle. And you can take it to the bank, OC!

My friends in LA are killing me. They are now referring to the Canes as the "Gentle Tropical Breezes."


Thanks Donna, you freaking bitch.

OC...in reference to 911.. Chances are something will happen and then Obi will go on national TV to say something profound like " ok, I mean it this time don't do it again" and nothing will happen.

FZ- I'm with you ... me volvio el cubiche'

Hit the RESET button....

Like Rodney used to say: "Plenty of parking"....

"The most malevolent and persistent of all mind viruses. We should get rid of it as quick as we can."

Arthur C Clarke quote on Religion

& people please don't even mention, or think about that stuff because if something (heaven forbid) should happen this country will turn into a gestapo camp...

This is how small we really are:

http://www.vox.com/2014/9/4/6105631/map-galaxy-supercluster-laniakea-milky-way small we really are:

Holy chit...the universe is really, really big.


the unfortunate thing about the 240Z is that it meant thened of datsuns really fun sports cars, the 1600 and the 2000- one of which had a radio with a vertical dial. there was a waiting list for the Z cars when first introduced, and i almosr got to drive one back to morrie sage's universal city datsun from albequeque. really loved the 1600 and 2000s, and the 240 Z was pretty okay but then they got bigger and uglier. i am a fan of real sports cars- two-seaters like the original Z was, and a good MGA, or TR4, or austin healeys, even though british cars had real oil leak problems.


jackie deshannon was areal cutie and hung around the LA music scene for a long time. i believe she was the original singer of "needles and pins", which methinks was written by sonny bono; gotta check. the searchers had a big hit with that song that starts "i saw her today..." great, great song which maybe jackie wrote, but the memori is saying she sang but sonny wrote.

here she is:


written by sonny bono and the really twisted producer/arranger jack nitszche, collborator on many of phil spetor's. shoved a gun into carrie snodgrass- a real beast; like i said "twisted"- make that "twisted deluxe"!!

and this gem re-done by the stones early on!!


what a great record!!!

and the beatles also dug arthur alexander!!


ringo was great on this beatle rocker, but here's the original; love the under-produced sound:


and ringo at the mike:


Shadow...thanks for the musical tour..just great stuff.

i'm not sure why you guys are harping on the line and screaming that the patriots will destroy us on sunday.

albert is a stud; one of the game's best left tackles, ja'wuan james has had a superb preseason and hasn't given up a single sack. those 2 bookends are LIGHTYEARS better than what we had last year. yes, pouncey is out, but satele has played consistently better, smith is solid, colledge has been solid, and while everyone is new, only one guy, (james), is a rookie.
in addition, these guys are going up against a patriots defensive line that is currently ranked 17th in the league. this is the perfect 1st game for these guys and for the rest of the offense to impose it's will, and ram the ball down their stinking cheating throats.
28-21 dolphins.

This years Texans will be the Dolphins not sold on them at all, will finish this years at 9-7 at best,Just cant compete with Patriot Nation as long as theres the best coach in the league in Bill Belichich and one of the leagues best QB in Tom "terrific " Brady

I agree with Tom, great news on Jim Kelly...

How Belichick sees the Dolphins. Like him or not he is always fairly forthcoming when describing the next weeks opponent.


Belichick is an arrogant mumbling overrated douche bag. Take Tom Brady away from Belichick and he's the below 500 coach he was at Cleveland. Brady made Belichick.

So Greg thinks 10-6. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing.

He's certainly bullish, as he's got Miami upsetting the Patriots in week one.

Greg Cote is a complete moron who believed that LeBron was going to stay in Miami plus a million other predictions that never came through. He is by far the worst sportswriter in America, a total and complete idiot.

QB's make all coaches. Saying Belichick isn't a great coach makes you look beyond dumb.

Joan Rivers died at 117 PM EDT. Melissa River career died at 118 PM EDT.

And the Dolphins will get crushed 38-10 on Sunday, because Belicheat is that much better than Phailbin.

BB - QB's make all coaches ??!!@#$ -
I hope your being sarcastic

- Shula was not made by Marino or Griese...
- Chuck Knoll - not made by Bradshaw
- Lombardi - not made by Starr
- Tom Landry - not made by Staubach..


The Brady-less patriots went 11-5 when he went down for the year in the first game...Try again...

Have to agree with BB, your statement is beyond stupid..

In this recent era OB4 QB's do make coaches. You can argue that Marino made Shula very easily.

Joey Goldstein, "That's your lowest shot evah!"

But right on the money, Joey, right on the money.

Coach Sandusky had a pet name for al while he was at penn st.....Golden showers.....

Ah, Gippy, the next time that your proctologist checks out your hemorrhoids he can call in the dentist next door to clean your teeth. Get your head out of your ass. Melisa will do just fine, bro. If you didn't have your head up your ass you could see the line of guys outside her house trying to get into her pants and her bank account.

OMG - BB - you definetly need to lay off that Massachochan tea...

Marino made Shula....YOU ARE NUTS!!!!

The man won 2 super bowls - went to 5 super bowls before Marino showed up.....
Only went to 1 SB with Marino..That's 6 total SB's buddy...

When Marino went down with achilles in '93 Shula got them to the playoffs with a combination of Scott Mitchell & Steve deberg...

You really should have said you were being sarcastic, it would have made you look more intelligent...

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