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August 29, 2014

Playoffs or no? Optimism on Dolphins in wake of preseason. Poll. Vote!; plus me and 'It Factor', baby beards, U-Bird Countdown (7) & more

1) It is FRIDAY, AUGUST 29. Click on Hard Line for today's latest column by me, on the NFL's new policy against domestic violence. 2) I'm back in Random Evidence Laboratories today conjuring the Sunday notes-column package. 3) In The Previous Blogpost (ITPB): Dolphins beat Rams to close preseason, Philbin porn 'stache, Upset Bird Countdown, Moreno vs. Miller verdict, college football projections & more. 4) Follow us on Twitter @gregcote. Also Facebook, Instagram and Vine.

1aa1afrootloopstoucanUPSET BIRD COUNTDOWN: 7 DAYS: The Upset Bird and I launch our 24th season of NFL 1aa1abird7Friday Page predictions in the Miami Herald in 7 days, on Sept. 5. To celebrate we have a daily countdown honoring notable fictional birds of different species. Today (following Shoe the comic-strip purple martin), we welcome Toucan Sam, spokesbird for Kellogg's Froot Loops since 1963.

Invasion of the Football Sections!: Herald's annual preview sections are now out. My three contributions: Dolphins column (Angel, devil duel for the soul of Dolfans); NFL Ranking (I rate teams 1-32, slot Miami as playoff-bound); and Hurricanes column (search continues for Next Great Quarterback).

WHAT'S LEVEL OF DOLFAN OPTIMISM IN WAKE OF PRESEASON?: You have seen -- or perhaps purposely not watched but sort of followed -- the Dolphins' preseason. It ended last night with a 3-1 record. Not bad.
1aa1adolcardBut have we seen enough within those four exhibitions to warrant confidence moving forward? Miami is a tough nut to crack this year in terms of predictions. I and a few others see a playoff team. I'd say most experts do not. Pro Football Focus recently had the Fins ranked 31st, next to last. But enough with the so-called experts. We ran this exact poll question on July 22, just before the preseason. Five weeks later we'll be curious to compare results and gauge the impact (good or bad) of Miami's performance in the preseason. As always your are challenged to vote not as a fan, not on what you hope will happen, but impartially on what you honestly predict will happen. Vote and say why, and how the preseason weighed in your opinion.

Dolphins' five Top 100 players are...: ESPN's annual rank of NFL's Top 100 players on offense and defense is out, and Miami places five overall: DE Cam Wake (24th), CB Brent Grimes (60th), C Mike Pouncey (68th), OT Branden Albert (95th) and DT Randy Starks (96th). Elsewhere in the AFC East, Patriots place nine (from 7th to 86th), Bills place five (29th to 98th) and Jets place five (31st to 96th).

APPARENTLY, I INVENTED THE PHRASE 'IT FACTOR': Writer Bill Barnwell, in an NFL preview piece for ESPN's Grantland (read here), explores what the "It Factor" is and where the phrase came from, and he
1aa1aitfactor(sort of) credits me for inventing it. Who knew! He wrote: "The idea of the It Factor comes from a surprising place. Although I saw suggestions that the likes of Darrell Royal were saying that a guy had "it" as early as the mid-’70s, and plenty of coaches have used the term in the present day to describe what they saw in players from the past, nobody was using the term "It Factor" during the 20th century. The closest I could find in a newspaper search was Miami Herald columnist Greg Cote referring to the "need-it Factor" and "must-have-it Factor" in 1991..." So there you have it. I invented the It Factor. One question: WHERE MY ROYALTIES AT!?!

Wahl, a manufacturer of facial-hair grooming products, has come out with a Top 20 list of American cities most friendly to facial hair, and Miami is ranked No. 3, trailing only Boston and Los Angeles. The key to our success? In Miami, even women and babies have beards.

Check back throughout the day because update and add to our latest blogposts with a near-constant flurry...


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BB, 61.54% think the Fish suck donkey dicks. You should have bought the Shack instead. Up another 20% today.

He he.


He he.



Mr. Clueless at it again.

Memo, to the, ahem, "Obama supporters" out there, YOUR BOY IS THE BIGGEST EMPTY SUIT TO EVER LIVE AT 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE.

I thought that Jimmy Carter was a fool but at least that boy actually was intelligent but very innocent and gullible. This ass clown is as dumb as a doorknob, ignorant, and a fool.

Wow, who knew that we had a "3 tool" president in the white house.

I gotta give him credit though, at least the boy has figured out that it's better to come out and just say, "Hey, look I'm a dumass and I know that but what excuse do you morons who voted for me TWICE have?"

He he.

If it wasn't so serious the situation would actually be laughable.

Now I will sit back and enjoy the attempts by a few on this blog to support the failed policies of this idiot.

Nonsense. I invented the "it factor" back in 1943, and for my movie - The Outlaw, and after discovering that Miss Jane Russell processed judge ITS.

Huge, that is.

I can't get used to these modern crazy contraptions that just want to change everything you type.

I think I get it now. Can I have a do-over?

Based on his resume with the Fish I don't believe that boy could get another job anywhere in the United States except in the Obama administration.

Obi's incredible news conference yesterday, (Incredible might not suffice, this might have been the most amazing utterance by a president of the United States going back to George Washington. How in the world do you come out and say that?) took me back to the scene in the Godfather when Johnny Fontane started to cry in front of the Don.......

"Oh, Godfather I don't know what to do...........

"You can act like a man! What's the matter with you? Is this how you've turned out? A Hollywood finocchio who cries like a woman?"

He he.

Give it up Obi, best you just resign for the good of the country.

If the tackling improves and Lazor increases the points per game output then this should be a playoff team. Offensive line is much improved. Defensive line is stacked. LB play will be key this year it has to be better than last year. New safety and corner have to be good and Grimesy has to just be Grimesy. M and M's need to ball it up. WR's are a very good group. Tannehill seems to be maturing into a leader and showed signs of being the guy last season if that continues playoffs drought will end.

Wake up, BB, you are still asleep and dreaming like a baby. (Pun intended.)

Well Wood's....most people on this blog know that Obi is kind of clueless, Sort of like a certain coach I know.

BB...while I'm optimistic with the new season I'm still not sold on the play of the O Line, so far they haven't shown any signs they will have a consistent running game...and that is essential to Tanny's continuing's development.

Just have something that resembles a running game then. Passing league.

Lazor does like to have his offense centered around the RB I think so look for the rb's to get plenty of run. They will be lined up all over spread out etc get them in space short passes etc. Should be fun to watch hopefully we get the results Philly had last year.

Hey fanboys, Mr. Obama's the president of the United States, you're a bunch of losers who haven't accomplished anything in life.

Never forget that.

And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl.

I have accomplished plenty in my life. One of my bigger accomplishments was not voting for him in either election. Very proud of that.

OC put me down fer Dolphins 8-8 and Wood's season stocktips. Both seem like sure things...

Man how much of a loose cannon must Isis be for even the "more traditional" terrorist groups to shun them...

Woodcock I used to go the Shack in my town growing up loved it. They had the best electronic gadgets remote control cars robots etc. They developed one of the first computers tandy I think. Memories of that place were good.

Mr. Woodcock,

i was in amazement that our president called a news conference to announce that we have no strategy for dealing with the arab/moslem/american (too) cutthroats (literally) who are taking control of the middle east!! maybe he's just playing possum.

Steven Ross and His Not Ready For Primetime Players...

At least Ross is trying he blew Ireland out of there.

And His Not Ready for Primetime FRANCHISE...

Shadow, I thought the idea was to bomb them until they simmer down abit...

How has that strategy been working lately duke? Bomb them back to the stone age doesn't matter they keep coming back.

For an instant I thought this was Jared Leto...


Ok but what if we bomb them back to before the stone age BB...

Good that preseason doesn t count (except for securing a place on the team).Phins preseason didn t leave alot of hope moving forward.Laser s offense looks like a sparkler so far.Tanny and the QB spot look weak.Moore is erratic for sure - he s not even close to the answer either.Defense will be decent it seems.Receivers look decent and Moreno was the only bright spot I saw.Hope the new season things change.O line can be adequate but how fast can they develope chemistry?

Dolphins would be 3-1 if the preseason counted.

that might work duke but they would eventually come back. They would take over the world if they could those savages.

I have accomplished plenty in my life. One of my bigger accomplishments was not voting for him in either election. Very proud of that.

Posted by: Big Baby | August 29, 2014 at 11:48 AM


What if we offer to toss enough cash and hot american pussy at Isis to chop each others heads off...

I wear it like a badge of honor.

Am I the only one coming up with real sound solutions to Isis problem instead of just more problems gentlemen...

Ahahahahahahahahaha, "Playin' possum."

Shad, all you have to know about Obama you can learn by just reading some of Bibi's quotes about him.

I've said it before, Mr. Obama is a nice man so far over his head in this job that you would need the Hubble Telescope to spot him.

Actually is it me or has hot Russian/German hybrid pussy supplanted American since it's inception in WWII. I think supplanted is correct terminology no?

BB, since you live up in Chowd Town you might not be as familiar with roaches like the Floridians who live here and deal with them on an every day basis. Florida is the epicenter for roaches in the U.S. We have all kinds. Flying roaches, swimming roaches, small ones and large ones, even some who seem to be immune from any type of roach spray. And how do the people in the Sunshine State deal with roaches? They kill them over and over and over again where ever they appear or they are hiding.

You and a lot of people seem to think that this war on terror is like a football game, 4 quarters, maybe an overtime and then it's over. Well, bro, the war against these jack assess started in the year 638 with the surrender of Jerusalem to the Muslims and has continued unabated to today. Your great, great, great, great, great, great, grand kids will still be talking about killing rag heads hundreds of years from now.

Here, Here Mr. Woodcock...

Sure do miss President Nixon...

dukey Von duke, I have Dr. Strangelove working on this problem. I am happy to report that he is seeing promising early results with an engineered protein that when attached to the human cell, encrypts an irreversible self destruction sequence when in the duel presence of a black hood and a prayer rug. That Strangelove is such a doomsday guy.

BB I would rather have a senile demented Al Davis than Ross own our once beloved Dolphins. Oh yeah some of yah still love 'em hahahaha Good luck with that...

Excellent work Mr. President. What can be done wit' dis here "Dolphin team." Sweet Jesus I have a hard time imagining any feeling returning to my groin for this team until Alfred E. Nueman abdicates or is overthrown...

I may have to leave that one up to Gen. Buck Turgidson. His endless littering of Wrigleys wrappers will have Philbin pulling out whatever hair he has left.

Mr. de Sadeski, can you please put me through to your President. I wish to ask him about his excursions into the Ukraine.

Don't worry Mr. president, I'm on approach, and riding one-oh-them nuclear beauties right atop those Ruskies heads!

I have high hopes the Fins make the playoffs this year. Moreno, Landry and a decent O line is just enough to put us into the playoffs this year. We good

Woodcock- We like to call these roaches in Florida,"Palmetto Bugs" !!!. It sounds so much more sophisticated.

Yeah,the Palmetto Bugs are as big a semi-trucks down here and when they fly at you it is terrifying...

You have to wear not voting for Barack Obama as a badge of honor because you're a loser who hasn't accomplished anything in your entire life! Makes you feel better about yourself to trash successful people too sad.

An American gets his head cut off so what does Obama do? He does an OC Dolphin.

I actually give him credit for recognizing his own limitations.

Gentlemen when our time is up we would all be well served to ride our own bombs down with the same ultimate abandon Major Kong did!

I think you should hold all calls until Belicheck has a chance to decipher Razors version of Chip Kellys system.Dont forget I told you so BTW the offensive line is still in a state of disrepair and if Belicheck succeeds in slowing down the fish offense, that will be the first blueprint for the NFL for future defensive coordinators that play the Dolphins.

My bad meant to write Lazor but hes in my zone now the AFC where Chip Kelley still is the HC of the Eagles who reside in the NFC East(yuck)they get to play the Cowboy defense twice a year

Ha Ha Ha "when they fly at you it is terrifying." Yes I lived in Florida for nearly half my life and I can vouch for that roid rage...

You have to wear not voting for Barack Obama as a badge of honor because you're a loser who hasn't accomplished anything in your entire life! Makes you feel better about yourself to trash successful people too sad.

Posted by: Dead weight | August 29, 2014 at 04:05 PM

Dead weight what a perfectly fitting name for a liberal progressive.

As to your larger point, it is truly much better to have accomplished nothing in life than to have f*cked up an entire nation....like Barack Hussein Obama.

When is Cote going to retire allready. I still remember his Scott Mitchell should replace Dan Marino debacle of an article.

Forget it WTF, these guys don't have a clue that's why they voted for this idiot twice.

Actually Mr President a more accurate statement would have been "we've never had a strategy we just wing it."

But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Ha Ha Ha "when they fly at you it is terrifying." Yes I lived in Florida for nearly half my life and I can vouch for that roid rage...

Posted by: dukey | August 29, 2014 at 05:22 PM

+1 to that.
Most, if not all of you Miamians are too young to remember the LeJeune Rd drive-in theater where, at dusk, the orange jeep would go row by row, spraying clouds of noxious blue pest killer/repellent. probably Chlordane, or worse. John Wayne always had a blue tinge to his complexion, same as Sophia Loren. Ah, my dad.

Dead weight what a perfectly fitting name for a liberal progressive.

As to your larger point, it is truly much better to have accomplished nothing in life than to have f*cked up an entire nation....like Barack Hussein Obama.

Posted by: #WTF$ | August 29, 2014 at 05:23 PM
Brilliant, thank you. PC has it's deleterious consequences, this being perhaps the most damaging in American history. Anti-PC produced slavery, telling us that extremist on both sides haven't learned the lessons of history. The extreme right, by boycotting the 2012 election, gave us 4 more torturous years of BH Obama.

Boys --- Put it in stone.

Miami Dolphins 11-5 this season.

Let's be fair gents! First, we need to count all O's accomplishments:........ crickets ....... crickets..... crickets...... he the first black president!...... crickets...... crickets........

Woa! Jimbo, 11-5. You sir must have stayed at the same Holiday Inn Express that Dapper Dave stayed in last year.

Ah, Jimbo, what ever you do don't, I repeat, don't get into a drinking contest with OC. I know that you were in the Navy and all that but that boy might be a 175 pound weakling but it's all hollow and filled to the brim with some kind of cheap rot gut or $1.99 metal screw top jug wine. He can out drink Homer Simpson on a good day.

Shameless Plug warning:: Calling all Dolphin Fans!! Come out to the 2014 John Offerdahl Gridiron Grill-OFF and support a local charity helping families in crisis: HOPE South Florida. Nov 8th, get your tickets now and get a $10 discount, at http://gridirongriller.com/email/invite-hope.html

Greg what did Boss Ross pay you to say Fins will break into playoffs like a mighty sperm finally breaking through the female's egg membrane to impregnate it or some such nonsense...

Let's be fair gents! First, we need to count all O's accomplishments:........ crickets ....... crickets..... crickets...... he the first black president!...... crickets...... crickets........

Posted by: Jimbo | August 29, 2014 at 06:46 PM

"President of the United States of America"

How 'bout you Jimbo? What's your great accomplishment in life? Police chief? Foreman?


you guys are morons.. lol.. stick to football..

not sure about 11-5; i called 10-6 but it's basically the same.. playoffs this year for sure..

'Xactly, Weight, you must have a picture of G.W. Bush on your wall, right? Hell he served 2 more years than Obama has.....

hahahaha, to all of the above.

Woodcock, interesting that you should say that, as I've just finished dusting off two Coppolas over a delicious broiled grouper that I just served.

Two "can't miss" easy recipes:

Fish: a) brush fish (grouper) with lemon juice. Bake at 400° till done. b) meanwhile, three TB of mayonnaise + 1/4 cup softened butter + 1/2 cup parmesan + dash of hot sauce ( Tabasco) + salt/pep, into a mixing bowl. c) Once fish is almost done, take out and cover with mixture. d) broil till golden and serve.

Beef: [if you like that sauce that they serve at Benihanas, you'll love this easy sauce]. a) mix 3 tsp of minced garlic, 4 tb of low sodium soy sauce, 2 tb of dijon mustard, 3 tb of heavy whipping cream, and 4 tb of chopped, fresh cilantro, warm in a small pot and keep it warm. b) Once you've got that going, cook your filet mignon as you like it. c) serve and pour sauce over steak. Totally awesome!

you guys are morons.. lol.. stick to football..

Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | August 29, 2014 at 09:14 PM

prime example of a terminal case of the pot calling the kettle black.

slight correction: not 2 tb of dijon, but 2 tsp.

AG does not have the "IT factor"

dead weight above the neck....

police chief, fireman, etc... all professions that have done more for the American public than U and President Zero combined.

Yep, 11-5.

my drinking days are few and far between.

mmmmmm, BEER

Recipes OC? Just call OC Betty Crocker because she spreads so easy.

Just trying to share some of the good stuff, Abdulla. Like the old commercial used to say...Try it, you'll like it.

Jimbo, am I still bringing the kegger over on your b-day?

I am happy to give you free golf lessons or Betty Crocker tips for your b-day gift, just don't go around tossing any of that inmate piss-in-a-cup, and all will be fine.

obama is nothing more than a parrot spewing ultra left wing ideology that is fed to him by his handlers. They promise the lazy generations of well fare trash more and more at the expense of hard working productive citizens.

His cabinet is a horrible joke and the country's status has tanked in the international community. It is very difficult to fathom how any moderately intelligent citizen can support this moron and his minions.

Back to sports, obama makes Philbin seem semi competent.

You understated it, Zulu. More accurately, you're talking Shula, Lombardi.

For anyone who missed it, and for what it's worth, the NFL Channel will be showing the Dolphins last game at 6 am. tomorrow morning, Texas time.

you poor dummies; unemployment lower, markets at record highs, and a black centrist president who's a better republican than the tools you all voted for, and you can do nothing but complain.. lol

seriously, stick to football. the 20% of you that get THAT sport right still dwarf the numbers of you that actually understand government and the way it works..

start your annual poll.

jimbo 11-5
real dave 10-6

dead weight above the neck....

police chief, fireman, etc... all professions that have done more for the American public than U and President Zero combined.

Yep, 11-5.

Posted by: Jimbo | August 29, 2014 at 10:12 PM

Exactly. Bunch of losers who have accomplished nothing in life trying to make themselves feel better by gossiping about successful people. Pathetic.

9-7 and misses the playoffs.

Feel free to blow me, Weight.

Grouper? OC, where the fack do you get grouper in Austin, Texas? Son, more like pond raised catfish. Cooking on Friday night? Suave, mi socio. Friday night is pizza night washed down with a sixer and some bong hits of the chronic.

Recipe? Bro, who the fack follows a recipe? Son, no red blooded American male brags about following some instructions to cook anything especially anything that requires more than taking the lid off the Webber, dropping some charcoal on the barbie, squeezing half a bottle of lighter fuel on the brickets and dropping a match. Then once the fire settles down in ten minutes you drop the burgers, hotdogs, and a few steaks on the grill and douse the flames with beer from the can that you're holding.

Bro, do yourself a favor and don't tell anyone that you actually cook anything with instructions to anyone in Texas.

You're going against the cause, OC.


Sad part of all of this is.....get ready for Hillary, who will probably be worse...an acabado con este pais..
Loved your Johnny fontaine bit above...so true..


Funny story....I always p/up my grandson from school on Fridays and take him to 5guys for a burger. Yesterday was first day I picked him up since last school year & i took him...there is a radio shack right next door...so we show up & out of the blue he says to me "wow cant believe radio shack is still open"!!! I remembered you and almost peed in my depends!!!

Woodcock,you are my hero!! You always post the truth,but most idiots can't handle the truth.

It's hard to be optimistic with so much DEAD WEIGHT (i.e., guys getting paid to do nothing)from past drafts on this team.

5 games are certain losses (2 NE, @Chi, GB, and @Den)
4 games are certain wins (Jets, Bills, Vikes and Jags)
7 games up in the air

I kind of feel sorry for Joey. He hasn't been given much to work with.

8-8 give or take a game.

8-8 give or take a game,indeed...

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